Animations in Current Affairs

Not that I want to spoil the mood, but what is happening with the outbreak of FHM style pseudo-porm animations in the serious bit.

I am unable to waste away the hours that some mug pays me for reading the forums as the anti-porn filter keeps going nuts.

Now I can barely get the pages to download at home on my low-band width, 1980's, dialup ISP.

Come on Mods, clean our act up!

Or am I just an old wingeing git? (steps back, helmet on, duck behind sandbags and awaits incoming) :twisted:
Funnily enough this very subject was discussed at length this weekend. The general concensus was that signatures with a bawdy content should be switched off in the serious threads and forums and only displayed in the NAAFI but that content should not, in any case, be of too graphic a nature. So it now looks as though I'll be keeping my eyesight long into my dotage!

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