Animated flash map of Iraq war casualties

The animation runs at ten frames per second - one frame for each day - and a single black dot indicates the geographic location that a coalition military fatality occurred. Each dot starts as a white flash and a larger red dot which fades to black over the span of 30 frames/days, and then slowly fades to grey over the span of the entire war.

Now thats a little unnerving. Baghdad is obviously the place not to be! Well all things considerd, Iraq as a whole would be the place not to be. I count everyday as a bonus, since coming back from Telic.
how can you tel if it was the americans that killed us or the iraqies
how can you tel if it was the americans that killed us or the iraqies
Hescoheed said:
It only shows fatalities, it doesn't tell you how they died. Have a scan at the attached link. You'll see that some poor unfortunate sod was hit by a forklift whilst in Kuwait. I am sure the map will include people getting run over etc in addition to the combat fatalites.
Just as valid, no?

Death due to accident while supporting those on the front line?

Rest easy. Good men and women everyone.

Beebs x
Couldn't agree more with you Beebs. The media harp on about the deaths related to the combat fatalities, but what about those thousands injured and the fatalities from accidents? I reckon the media like the Washington Post needs to be more overt about the true toll.



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