Animals Heads In Bread.

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Rabid Chihuahua, Aug 3, 2013.

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  1. Disclaimer: I couldn't post directly to the hole.....

    The girls heads in bread.



    Please feel free to share your animal / baked goods pictures.

    P.S. I fricking love Guinness!
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  2. You've been drinking excessively again, haven't you?
  3. Bugger the dog, post some pics of the bird!
  4. Maybe...... Paint thinner is hard to come across these days.
  5. Kill the dog using the medium of fire, ensuring your own face is used as kindling.

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  6. One thing at a time, the bird can wait.......

    Here pretty doggie, come here....
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  7. That's animals in bread, you need to take the head off to do heads in bread.
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  8. Just to confirm, you want him to bugger the dog, then post pics of the bird?

  9. 36C?

    About 37? Does aerobics or Boxercise?
  10. £5K
  11. No no, I want to wank over the bird like a chimp, whilst ignoring the hairy rat. Hope this clears things up.
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  12. Money, well motorbike? Or new boobies?

    New Bra's please.
  13. Which bird is like a chimp?
  14. Sorry, bud.. She's not agreeing to wearing the bread. I hope this doesn't infringe......
  15. A chimpanthrush.