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"Animal Woman"

Is it just me or does anyone else get a bit of a chirp on about this? She is in decent nick for living in the cuds for 20 odd years.........


I bet she's a beast in the sack....



Do you reckon she does anal?
Would she have partaken in the act of animal love!?
The beast :D
Hmm...I think a crack team of RAVC accredited Arrsers should fly out and check the lie of the land. A whip, a stool and a ringmaster's costume should be provided for each of us..I mean each of those selected, from Arrse funds. Video footage would of course be essential.
I was briefed by her at the Department for Culture Media and Sport last week. Partial to double sausage and egg McMuffins, as indeed are we all


I used to go to a street in Phnom Penh where it was $2 a pop with better looking ones. A beer was $1.
$10 gave a decent afternoons entertainment.
:headbang: :thumleft: