Animal Rights Terrorists Win???

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Bomb_Doctor, Aug 23, 2005.

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  1. A farm is to stop breeding guinea pigs for medical research after years of intimidation by animal rights activists.
    The family-run Darley Oaks Farm in Newchurch, Staffordshire, has been at the centre of a campaign of abuse.

    Owners and staff have received death threats during the six-year onslaught.

    The family said they hoped the decision would prompt the return of the body of their relative Gladys Hammond, whose remains were stolen from a churchyard.

    Does this mean these soap dodging tossers have won?????????

    Understandable - but a real shame for this guys business/family

  2. This is so, so wrong.

    The digging up of a releative is disgusting. The people behind this need tracking down and treating. I can't believe the government can't do anything and they have to cave in to the kind of scum who would dig up a dead body.

    Shaking head in wonder.
  3. What really really pisses me off is the cowardly way these terrorists conduct their operations. Have the cops arrested any of them? How about naming and shaming so that people can do to them what they did to others?
  4. very angry this has happened and upset that not only will these people loose their livilhood, but that the government and police have done nothing to prevent them from closing.

    The real loosers will of course be the British people. yet again, medical research and advances in science are being held hostage to the soft-headed brigade.

    if you want to make you're blood boil, read some of the comments on the BBC comments page. once again, it would seem that not all terrorist are equal in the eyes of the British!
  5. anyone know where Barry horne the poor persons bobby sands is buried :twisted:
  6. Making money from breeding another species so that it can be experimented on? Now that's sick. If it's not human anything goes is it?

    Can't say i think much of the activisits tactics but at least it worked and hopefully will make others think again about entering this disgusting trade.

    If you want to carry out tests on live subjects then we have prisons full of dross and refuse. Use them, after all it's for the benefit of mankind so it's only right that you experiment on the same species.
  7. Did somebody phone for an idiot? Whilst animal experiments may be distasteful in this lovely tree hugging age of ours I'll bet that we all know of someone who would be dead now if it wasn't for animal experimentation (myself included (twice)) in the medicinal arena.
  8. then when we run out of prisoners, we can start on the disabled and Jews....

    If you'd ever actually been in a lab or seen the real conditions that lab animals are kept in, you'd realise that the antivivs are talking a complete load of bollocks - the levels of animal welfare in UK labs are the highest in the world, and so heavoly regulated that you'd think firearms were easy to get hold of in comparison.

    fact is that the only way of testing new drugs for safety is with animals - the alternatives are so early on in development that theyre an irrelevance, we do not understand the mode of cancer formation and progrression, so how can we make a computer/cellular model of it? you'd be amazed at how refined the testing and data analysis has become over years of development (read up on paracetemol and the "first pass effect" to see how unpredictable and complex drug metabolism is)

    This clearly is a victory for violence and harassment - same as the hunting ban was, complete lack of action by our shite government considering how they managed to magic up the police support for the G8 conference, yet do nothing about the shocking behaviour seen round Newchurch.

    (yes, I now work in the industry!)
  9. Agree with using prisoners as test subjects but the animals in question are Guinea Pigs.....bloody furry rats at the end of the day.

    I take it we are defining these tree hugging 'Animal rights activists' as terrorists?

    Oxford Dictionary definition of terrorist;


    • noun: a person who uses violence and intimidation in the pursuit of political aims.

    We could argue about 'political aims' but we have to agree that they have chosen to use violence and intimidation because of something they disagree with. A disagreement towards a practice that is lawful. If this is the case then surely the powers of the TA 2000 could and should be brought into effect against the perpetrators? Has it? I don't think so.

    I watched the news earlier on and they interviewed a stinking, window licking lentil eater outside the property and it was quite clear he advocated and condoned (and probably had a part in the activities) that the use of 'radical means' was justified. It would be interesting to hear if the local constabulary had firstly 'interviewed' the smelly freak and secondly had him and his unwashed bretheren under surveillance. If his name had been Abdullah bin Saled Flipflop it may have been the case.
  10. BBC News 24 have just given some Animal Rights cnut about 10 minutes of airtime. Of course he abides by the injunctions etc against the protesters, but the BBC allowed him to state that he had sympathy for those that dug up the old ladys remains. Thanks to the MOD, I have to pay 2 TV license fees each year and giving these a**holes airtime sticks in my gullet! There should be a database of these people so that they can be denied the NHS treatment that some of these guinea pigs have made possible. Send them to South America where guinea pigs are just dinner.

    Rant Over!
  11. The digging up of a releative is disgusting. The people behind this need tracking down and treating. I can't believe the government can't do anything and they have to cave in to the kind of scum who would dig up a dead body.

    This is so wrong I can't get my head around it. I will be the first to admit I have some pretty fcuked up morale values but to dig someone's corpse up and take it prisoner??? If anyone really thinks that's acceptable compared with testing lipstick on a hamster then have a word with yourself
  12. No matter how noble you see the cause of these terrorists, there are legal ways of protesting. But that doesn't matter, because anyone who is willing to target innocent members of a farmer's close and distant family in the name of innocent animals is so hipocritical that they don't deserve to be listened to. As for digging up and stealing a body of a relative that is only related by marriage? They dirty the name of animal lovers everywhere by using criminal means to stop somebody from doing, no matter how distasteful to them, something that isn't illegal. What next, attack all butchers until everyone is forced to become vegitarian? Target any child kicking a leather football about? The scum should be shot... or even better, they should be given the oppertunity to save the lives of the animals that are experimented on.... by taking their places in the labs. After all, anyone can say that something wrong even if it is neccesary, but it's something completley different to say what should be done in it's place.
  13. It is a shame to see them close after the last few years of fighting off these attacks (of course dependant on your views)

    However how many of these hypocrytes when diagnosed with illness refuse treatment? none!

    How many of these activists have relatives who suffer from forms of cancer etc and recieve much needed medication, medication devoleped from animal testing. Now dont get me wrong the blatant testing of substances and medicenes on animals does not leave me with a warm snug feeling, however there is a pecking order in life and the choice of either harry the hamster getting some pain or my family I know who to chose.

    What is needed is moral courage rather than overwhelming compassion.

    It is a blow to justice, they should not have been allowed to be harrassed to the point of closure.
  14. Totally agree with you! i also now work in the industry.

    I think these mongs/activists should maybe care more about human kind ie, starving africans.... orphaned children & not spend all of their wasted energy on fighting for the rights of a bloody guinea pig! ESPECIALLY when medical research is involved!


    ....damn hippies.
  15. I see the phrases "Tree hugging" and "soap dodging" are being used.

    There is nothing of the sort about the militant end of animal activism . In fact some groups are closer to the neo-Nazi end of the scale in actions and links , than they are to the Green Party.

    Personally , I am not a great fan of animal experimentation in cosmetics etc.