Animal rights protesters,are they terrorists?

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Le_addeur_noir, Jan 11, 2008.

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  1. Should animal rights protesters who break the law and harass owners and staff employed at animal testing labs be treated as terrorists?.Extreme violence is commonly meted out by these so-called"protesting"scum.

    Some of the tactics used by the animal rights"groups" amounts to slander of the most despicable kind,for example circulars posted to neighbours stating Mr X is a paedophile.

    Many of these so-called "protesters" probably use products tested on animals and are therfore hypocrites.

    Other so-called"protesters" are work-shy louts and leftie "students" looking to take part in "fashonable"protests.

    Others still are vile thugs who should shot at dawn.

    Many Labour(and a few from other parties)MPs have made names for themselves on animal rights protest lines.

  2. Biped

    Biped LE Book Reviewer

    Yes - they instil fear or terror in their targets through illegal and dangerous acts.

    They are terrorists.
  3. By trying to threaten and intimidate law abiding workers by using 'any' (their words) means at their disposal they fall into the catagory of terrorist. The laws put in place to protect society against other extremists should be used against them, and if found gulty they should spend a good long time where the crow doesnt shite to contemplate their actions and priorities.
  4. I've had some experience of dealing with people like these and to be honest, there are very few of them who actually give a sh!t about the cause. Most of the ones that turn up to the protests, send the threatening letters etc, are nothing more than hired thugs.

    The Police are getting better at dealing with them, although in the organisation I work part time for, they still sometimes said to staff in the stores that there was nothing that they could do because they were not breaking the law!!! Which is factually incorrect, unfortunately, it takes way too long for new pieces of legislation to feed its way down to bobby on the beat.

    On another note, a local nursery came under fire because it gave vouchers for childcare to a local testing lab....???? What kind of moron threatens a nursey???
  5. I quite like the idea of direct action. Vivisecting members of SHAC would be a good start. But then, I'm a dreamer...

    These charming men
  6. They are terrorists. Hurt them.
  7. Certainly.

    Extraordinary Rendition is the only solution. Get the Syrians to remove a few extremities and then bag them up with some starved cats; that'll learn them.
  8. From personal experience of dealing with these people they certainly are terrorists. While all the fluffy hangers-on are the public face of these organisations, the core are organised just like a terrorist cell. They have their own int cells, recce and communicate using codes. The ones you see waving plackards outside the labs usually aren't the ones who turn up to torch your house in the early hours.

    Those at the centre are highly committed to their cause and very rarely give anything away. Consequently their ortganisations are difficult to penetrate and investigate through to a prosecution.

    The use of anti terror legislation would give the police a massive helping hand but the government is reluctant to elivate the status of these people to something approaching martyrdom.

    I'm no supporter of using guinea pigs for medical experimentation but the next time you chuck a sovereign in the collecting box just think where your money might be going.
  9. A few may be committing acts of terror and they are caught and prosecuted.
    However generally those who protest about the animal cruelty that exists purely to support multi million pound industries are to be applauded. Those who take direct action to intervene and save animals lives from needless suffering are also to be applauded.
    Terrorists? That would be those who inflict unnecessary pain on innocent animals.

    edited to add- Just because some activists can organise themselves to become an effective active force does not make them terrorists..just efficient animal rights activists!
  10. Really, have you ever visited one of those places? I have, a mate works for one such company and the animals are firstly bred specifically for testing so these idiots who 'liberate' them in fact kill them as the animals cannot live on the outside.

    Secondly they are treated very well in labs so they provide reliable test results. I, personally don't agree with cosmetic testing and some of the monkey brain experiments but the over-whelming majority are conducted in a very humane fashion.

    The hardcore scum who 'support animal welfare' perfectly fit the definition of terrorists as they cause as much terror as possible, attacking third party targets like schools and accountants.
  11. Ord_Sgt

    Ord_Sgt RIP

    Bollox. Nutters and cowards all of them.

    I used to live in Huntingdon and got into a bit of a tiff with some of these tossers a few years ago.

    Shallow fcuked up wasters and balls of jelly when someone faces up to them. Their idea of debate is to try and force their idiot ideas onto you and they get all uppity when you argue with them. I had the pleasure of decking some twat who thought because there was a few of his mates around he was tough and could call me what he liked. After I put him on his arrse and looked to the rest asking who was next, not a fcuking murmur.

    I don't support cruelty to animals either but that fresh lobster at the chinky the other day screamed like a baby going into the pot. Fcuking nice though.
  12. Excellent, well you'll be volunteering your Mum as a subject in the next trial for a cancer drug will you ?

    Goodness me, wouldn't it just be beyond the pale if some lovely, cute ickle animal had to suffer, just so that some horrid people might have their lives saved.

    So phone the drug companies and tell them to tip up round your Mum's, pump her full of drugs and then dissect her vital organs - that'd be much better than killing a few mice. :roll:
  13. Terrorists yes. They even dug up a deceased family member.

    Four jailed in grave-theft case

    Gladys Hammond's body was taken from a grave in October 2004
    Four animal rights activists have been jailed for waging a campaign of terror against a family which included digging up a grandmother's grave.
    The Hall family were targeted for six years by activists who aimed to stop them breeding guinea pigs for research.

    Jon Ablewhite, 36, of Manchester, Kerry Whitburn, 36, and John Smith, 39, both of the West Mids, were jailed for 12 years for conspiracy to blackmail.

    Josephine Mayo, 38, of Birmingham, was jailed for four years.

    They targeted David Hall and Partners, a family business which ran the breeding programme at a farm in Newchurch, Staffordshire.

    The campaign included protests outside Darley Oaks Farm, a burglary in which 600 guinea pigs were freed and threats to family members, friends and employees.

    But it was the theft of Gladys Hammond's body from a graveyard in nearby Yoxall in October 2004 that "appalled and disgusted people nationwide", said Det Ch Insp Nick Baker.

    "Today's lengthy sentences send a strong message to people who might be considering doing anything similar.

    "While lawful protestors have nothing to fear, single issue extremists will be caught and strongly punished for their offences," he said after the sentencing.

    The Hall family ceased their guinea pig breeding programme in January this year.

    The four were described as "terrorists" by one of their victims

    Mrs Hammond's body was discovered on Cannock Chase last week after Smith told police where to find it. Her remains are to be reburied at St Peter's Churchyard.

    She was mother-in-law to John Hall, who ran the farm with his brother Christopher.

    A Hall family statement said: "We struggle to comprehend how anyone could conceive such a plan. We could only assume they were devoid of any emotions.

    "Animal rights extremists used psychological warfare, verbal abuse, criminal acts and very offensive propaganda in their quest to close our business".

    In a statement read out in court Christopher Hall said: "I feel that I have been in a war and under siege for six years.

    "These activists are terrorists, they have run a terrorist campaign against our business."

    The activists researched their targets on the internet as their campaign spread from the Hall family to anyone associated with them.

    Bricks were thrown through windows, death threats made to farm workers, pyrotechnics set off outside their homes and hundreds of malicious letters sent.
    One was sent to May Hudson, a cleaner at the farm, saying they would dig up her husband's grave.

    "They dedicated themselves to their cause - 24 hours a day, seven days a week - devastating dozens of lives and striking fear into a whole community," said Mr Baker.

    'Significant' result

    Aisling Burnand, chief executive of the BioIndustry Association, commented: "The fact that these individuals have been given such significant sentences is a clear indication that the activities of animal rights extremists will not be tolerated and are being treated extremely seriously.

    "We congratulate the efforts of the police and crown prosecution service in bringing these individuals to justice."

    And Alistair Currie, the campaigns director of the British Union for the Abolition of Vivisection, said. "We hope that the sentencing of the activists who have admitted responsibility for the utterly unacceptable tactics used against Darley Oaks Farm will mark the end of this depressing chapter.

    "This was an ugly campaign against an ugly business. These four people must face the consequences of their crimes but we are now anxious to see the focus of this debate go back to where it belongs ¿ on the waste and animal suffering that takes place inside the labs."
  14. No. It should be handled on a case by case basis. Some people do acts of terrorism under the excuse of animal rights. Some comit crimes under the same excuse and some protest legally.

    I am all for animal rights. That extends as far as believing that animals should not be treated cruelly un-necesarily. Should not be experimented upon for cosmetic reasons. However I am fine with medical research using them provided it is done as humanely as possible to get the required results. I also like eating meat, so am fine with animals bred for slaughter or hunted provided they are killed reasonably quickly.

    In short, balance is important IMO. That goes both ways. Some ALF members are terrorists but not every animal rights protestor.
  15. This is my favourite story onthe animal rights folks...

    Whether it's true or not made me laugh...

    Two animal rights protesters were protesting at the cruelty of sending pigs to a slaughterhouse in Bonn. Suddenly the pigs, all two thousand of them, escaped through a broken fence and stampeded, trampling the two hapless protesters to death.