Animal rights nutters

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Strait_Jacket, May 9, 2006.

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  1. Anybody else think these muppets are getting out of hand?

    I now live just down the road from a church where sick freaks dug up and stole the body of a grandmother related to a family who bred guinea pigs for animal research. Many of these groups practice low level terrorism inside the UK and against UK nationals, so what to do?
  2. set the dogs on em!
  3. There are ways to protest but these overstep the mark.

    It's terrorism and should be treated as such.
  4. If you are pro animal testing, you could join this lot:


    Their aim:

    "We are a UK based group with the aim of promoting and supporting scientific research and debate including animal based research."
  5. Ah but by joining them we just become another nutter just wearing a differnt badge.
    Me im all for animal rights, the rights to be eaten, tested on used to make clothes. it all about natrual selection and at the moment we are top of the pile, but for how long is the question ,so we just need to make the most of it. :twisted: :twisted: :twisted:
  6. I have much sympathy for the animal rights activists and even more for the animals. Their treatment is horrific and barbaric and should be opposed by all means.

    I decided that actions speak louder than words so I took my fight to a local research laboratory and as a protest, set fire to our family dog, Goldie. My children were distraught but I explained to them, whilst throwing their Gerbils through the lab windows, that animal cruelty comes before their selfish pandering for a pet.

    The situation later resolved itself when I demonstrated that boiling tropical fish in bleach can be fun.
  7. I don't like tests on animals either but on the evidence that I've seen and heard there does not seem to be any alternatives.

    Even the experts can't agree and we saw what happened with the human tests in the UK and paying peanuts to some poor sod in India isn't the answer either. These animal rights activists are acting outside the law and while they think they have some sort of moral highground, they are still akin to terrorists.
  8. That sums it up perfectly, I think. Of course, I'm a fan of God's creatures (with the exception of screaming human sprogs in restaurants, airplanes and wedding ceremonies) but this is not a sane or safe way to get your point across.
  9. I have an idea that would remove the need for tests on animals.... use prisoners especially murderers... you take a life you can repay your debt to society by helping to save a life. Simple, cheap and efficient....

    I would also refuse to give animal rights people any medical treatment or drugs that have been tested on animals. Wouldn't want to compromise their beliefs now would we?
  10. Try this thenAnimal testing

    The one, the only, Macc Lads. When my brother in law worked for The Body Shop, I attempted to get him to play this over the factory tannoy system. He agreed in principle (when rather drunk) but never carried it through.
  11. These cnuts grip my shat! Ok squirting tescos own brand baby oil into a bunnies eyes isn't good, But I bet the mastic that holds their windows in has been rubbed on a rats bolloxs to see if it causes cancer.
  12. I was ashamed of my university's respnse to the animal welfare nuts, they decide the cost of protecting the new lab from them was too much and crumbled without an ounce of spine or moral courage.

    If people of this point of view want to protest peacefully, within the law, fine, not a problem. But infliciting terror and violence on civillians because you judge your precious principles and beliefs to be more precious than their lives and safety is terrorism, pure and simple.
  13. Tests for animals seems unfair to me, my dog is two years old and cannot read. In human years he would be 14 and presumably giovernment offcials will be visiting to insist he commences GCSE education shortly. Well We need to stamp this nionsense out. It isn't even in the animal's interests. My dog does not want to go to University and has been offered an apprenticeship when he turns 16 anyway. It makes my blood boil, it's just New Labour looking for an easy-to-achieve target again...

    What's that? Oh, those kind of tests! Crack on that's what I say, sod the little bunnies and gerbils - if they want to wear make-up it's their business...
  14. Peaceful protest to put your point across? Fine, crack on. I could just about live with mild disruption of work with piquet lines, etc. Until respectfully asked by the bobbies to move along.

    Digging up a loved Grandmother or threatening people to prove your point? No. They are using terror and as such should be sought out and destroyed.

    I would love to meet some tawt admitting to the atrocity of digging up the Gran. I would happily do time, whilst remembering their squeels of anguish... as they tested some petrol or shampoo or something in their eyes themselves. Or maybe I might just bury them alive.

  15. The aformentioned scum that dug up Gladys have been convicted and await sentencing, still managed to get the farm closed down though. They gave up the location of the body in an attempt to get lighter sentences. Somehow I don't think even this joke of a government can afford them to get too light a sentence in order to avoid setting up Granny stealing as an easy way to get what you want, so hopefully they will soon be having a chat in the showers with Big 'arry from D Wing.