Animal Rights extremists; hate mail to grieving family.

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by OldAdam, Aug 24, 2006.

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  1. The following item from the Daily Telegraph:-
    Animal activists torment parents of rabbit flu man
    By Amy Iggulden

    (Filed: 24/08/2006)

    Animal rights extremists have targeted the parents of Britain's first known human victim of "rabbit flu", with telephone callers telling them his death was a "rabbit's revenge".

    Joan and Peter Freeman were called within days of the funeral of their son John, who died after handling an infected rabbit he had shot on the family farm.

    They had appealed for greater awareness of the bacterium that caused his death. Pasteurella multocida is present in cats and dogs as well as the sinuses of rabbits.

    But on the day they spoke out, anti-hunting extremists telephoned the family's 800-acre farm near Stowmarket, Suffolk, to tell Mrs Freeman that the couple's only child had been "popping off rabbits for fun".

    In a separate call, Mr Freeman was told that the death might be "rabbit's revenge".

    The couple went to a relative's house to escape the ringing telephone. Mrs Freeman said: "They were implying that my son deserved to die. I just can't understand how people can be so callous. To ring someone up who is devastated with grief - it is disgusting."

    The calls came days after a group of anglers were attacked in Lancashire by a gang of masked animal rights activists, prompting fears that extremists want to widen the scope of their campaign of intimidation.

    A woman was punched in the face and several cars were vandalised at Bank House fly fishery, at Caton, near Lancaster, when a group of people, including families, were attacked by saboteurs who had earlier failed to disrupt a grouse shoot.

    Countryside campaigners said the targeting of bereaved parents suggested that the threat from militants could be worsening. Liz Mort, the eastern regional director of the Countryside Alliance, said: "It is truly dreadful. A hard core of people are prepared to stoop to what amounts to rural terrorism."

    In May, four animal rights extremists were jailed after a six-year campaign of terror against the owners of a guinea pig breeding farm at Newchurch, Staffs, that culminated in the theft from a grave of the remains of Gladys Hammond, the mother-in-law of the farm's co-owner.

    Last August, Debra Rowe, whose son Byron Evans, 13, was accidentally shot dead by his stepfather while out shooting foxes near Haberton, Devon, also received hate mail.

    John Freeman's parents said their son had been a conservationist. Mrs Freeman said: "I can't believe these people are caring, or nature lovers or conservationists themselves. If they were, they would know that rabbit culling is a part of country life."

    John, 29, a 6ft 5in former public school rugby player, was a shooting and fishing enthusiast who studied land management at Harper Adams University in Shropshire. He is believed to have been infected through a blister on his thumb while out on a rabbit cull on August 1.

    The following day, he fell ill with a fever, which doctors thought was flu. But he later collapsed and was taken to hospital, where he died of septicaemia - apparently caused by a virulent form of Pasteurella multocida - three days later.

    Doctors initially suspected he had died of E.coli, but a post mortem examination revealed that he was infected with the bacterium that causes pasteurellosis, which is known as "rabbit flu" or snuffles, even though it is not a virus. Mr Freeman said: "We are just ordinary country people who want to live our lives quietly.

    The only reason we have accepted publicity is so that others can be aware that this disease exists. "We expect [opposition] from people who are anti-hunting. They have their views and we have ours. But this is sick. We have got more than enough to contend with, losing John."

    He was the first person known to have died in Britain after catching the germ from a rabbit, although health officials have recorded rare previous cases of people dying after catching it from cats. The bacterium is typically passed to several hundred humans a year through bites, but the illness can usually be treated successfully with antibiotics if diagnosed. The League Against Cruel Sports described the telephone calls as "completely unacceptable".

    Seems that nothing is too low for these scum-bags. :evil:
  2. And I thought digging up that old lady in Staffordshire was the lowest they could (probably) stoop.

    Is there existing legislation to deal with these types? I mean that takes into account their pathological hated as a motivating factor?
  3. They are treated as terrorists - quite rightly.
  4. Cool, can we arrange some SO19 guy's to go after them please? We've got a list of their Car Regs at work.

    I dispise these Creatures as I have to work to stop them. And frankly they don't care about animals or wildlife, they're just out to cause mayhem and upset.
  5. Anyone watch that documentry on them the other night? The amount of people these lunatics targetted in Staffordshire was incredible.

    They truly are nutters. They need gassing.
  6. Putting the animal rights knobbers aside for a moment:

    Rabbit Flu/Snuffles??? Is that, or is that not, the crappest-sounding disease to die from- ever? In the league table of embarrassing ways to croak, surely it comes second only to autoerotic asphyxiation?
  7. Why are we all suprised at such abhorrent behaviour?

    This wretched government has singularly failed to curtail the activities of these Animal Rights fantasists. By tugging their forelocks and bowing down to the pressure exerted by these cockroaches in the passing of the ill conceived Hunting Act, Labour has only encouraged such behaviour.

    Robbing graves, mocking the dead and beating up female anglers.

    Well done Blair and the rest of his spineless party.
  8. I object to that term, it is a slander agaisnt all cockroaches.

    As much as I'd Love to blame Blair and freinds I can't. These feckers have been a problem for many years. What the hunting ban has done is given them the idea they can win, and a morale boost.
  9. They just need a night in the cells with Bubba........

    You can release them the next day if you like.
  10. It's certainly not what I'd want on my tombstone!
  11. Am watching with interest to see if/ when one of the perpetrators of the body snatching crime will be struck-off the teaching register maintained by the much vaunted "General Teaching Council". Thus far, there's been nothing in the public domain to indicate that this has been done, so when this individual gets out of prison be prepared for the possibility that he could be teaching your children! Great, eh?!
  12. Some animal rights terrorist tries to hurt my family, I got a box of .303 ready for them.
  13. This behaviour is not in the slightest way surprising. Animal rights extremists are just a bunch of sick nutters who all deserve to die. Any one who can be so callous as to harrass grieving parents just demonstrates that they are scum.
  14. TCW - for what it's worth, I always found that oiling an air-rifle towards an acitvist usually did the trick. You remember it from your youth as well as I do - bit of cotton wool soaked in gun oil, and fire it down the barrel of your BSA Airsporter. Result? One very clean barrel (always good) and a chuffing great, rapidly spreading, bruise behind the knee (key target area) of the anti clattering at your door. Much more discrete than .303, not to say cheaper on current rates (unless you've got a very friendly QM(T) with some staggeringly out of date stores :) )

    Oh, the days of yore...

    Do you suppose it would be wrong to set the hounds on them? It is of course an Act prohibiting the hunting of mammals, even vermin; or would you get away because along with rabbits, the only excluded species is the RAT?

    Yours with a slip-lead,

  15. Anglers should note that it is always wise to carry a 'priest', just in case you land a truly big one that needs whacking on the nut.

    As most anglers are prone to exaggeration, having a 'priest' the size of a baseball bat would seem to perfectly acceptable to me- no way could such an item be described as an offensive weapon...

    'And you say that the pike was wearing a balaclava helmet, sir? Yes, yes, I suppose that was a bit unusual...'

    I wish! :D