Animal Rights, Animal Rights my ARRSE! (Not work safe)

Why is it that the soapdodging whingeing animal rights activists who spend so much time on the telly occupied with drawing the world's attention to beagles getting a bit of a wheeze from smoking 60 bensons a day or rabbits getting red eye from testing the newwest proceramideavocadoandbaconmonkeyspunk shampoo in their wickle eyes when real animal cruelty exists in the world...................

I am shocked and stunned..........and curiously aroused 8O

Ponder the attraction of rimming a prize stallion or tossing off a budgie for sick sexual gratification.

Is this chimp enjoying a post coital ciggie? Why do people do it? ARRSE Covert Visit? :twisted:
Not funny, can any of the Coppers on this site direct their people to that site and get the sad gits dealt with.
quote=] I guess you could call it solo.

I was alone with my female golden, she was in her first heat with me, got her around 2 years old, i have always been very interested in dogs, had masterbated male dogs for a while, when i got my female, i was not to educated about sex and all then, and was shocked when i went to "jerk him off" and found it wasn't there, but later found her hole, and enjoyed fingering her, found she would hump like the males if done right, well, one weekend i was alone with her , and she had started her heat, and she kept backing up to me constantly, but when i tried to finger her off, she pulled away and gave me this look, and as chance would have it, i had just got done watching a nature show on wolves that showed thier mateing chariteristics, and i realized that she was asking me to mate with her, which i wasted no time in doing so, was very wonderful, and now have been female dog exclucive for many many years.[/quote]

8O 8O 8O 8O


These people are freaks, they’re seriously disturbed.
Once I’ve got my admin out the way for tonight I’m going to troll raid that site, and in the morning I’m going to contact the RSPCA about them.
"do you let the world know your zoo or not .i have three germanshepherd females i wair a ring on my ring finger and each one has a ring on there collar .that to me is a symble of are love ,no one has ever ask about it .but many have seen it .i was just wondering if you show it or not"

What the hell? 8O
It seems to have spread to Oz as well - fcuk me theyre everywhere!

From Popbitch

Bunny's too tight to mention - Sydney man loves rabbits to death

An Australian man has been arrested after
having sex with 18 rabbits. Sydney police have
charged Brendan McMahon, 36, with bestiality
and aggravated cruelty, after finding a pile
of sodomised rabbit corpses dumped in a lane
in The Rocks.

In his defence, McMahon claimed that he had sex
with the rabbits while high on crystal meth.
His lawyer unsuccessfully applied for bail,
stating that McMahon was willing to surrender
his passport and would undertake not to go
within 50 metres of a pet shop.
Oh My Good God!
I was very nearly sick! That is unbelievable and exceptionally extremist!

It was like car crash tv, I couldn't stop reading! One topic about what animals you wouldn't do and the majority said HUMANS!!!
Something massively wrong there!!!!

Going off to vom now - put me right off my lunch! Eugh!


I contacted the RSPCA about that site and they were bloody useless, they told me I should complain to my local trading standards office…

That site is morally depraved, surly it’s also illegal and something can be done.
A sick fcuker who works for a competitor sent the link to me at work entitled "Hedge Fund Forum" and I clicked on it thinking it was some innocuous and very boring conference. I nearly shat myself when I opened it and was then expecting to be escorted from the building by security with people muttering

I am planning my revenge carefully :wink: First I plan to chin the fcuker
ive often fantasised about slipping my length into a dolphins blow hole.... you people need to open your minds a bit.

Oz .... why are you down as a moderator ?????
shortfuse said:
ive often fantasised about slipping my length into a dolphins blow hole.... you people need to open your minds a bit.

Oz .... why are you down as a moderator ?????

I would rather slam my betty swallocks in the armoury door than become ONE OF THEM 8O What do you think I am some kind of perv?
shortfuse said:
yep .... hamster fondler.
Listen 3 Amp

When I was younger I admit I may have once told the village mong neil mannering that Fred the neighbour's Jack Russell was partial to having his furry nutbag squeezed but I never thought he'd be thick enough to do it and the scarring on his arm doesnt look to bad now he's had surgery

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