Animal rights activists jailed

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by rockape34, Oct 25, 2010.

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  1. Nice to see, but considering what they had done it's a pity that they didn't get more time.

  2. Good result.About time too.
  3. Indeed. These characters are third generation AR extremists: Tom Harris and Nicky Tapping had been active at local level 6-7 years ago. When some of the headshed at SHAC started getting banged up, these people came forward to to take on a higher profile.

    Some of the events for which they have been convicted took place 4-5 years ago. As with all cell-based extremist organisations, it has taken forever to make the case: having worked for HLS, I'm mightily glad that these nasty, nasty people will do some well deserved vegan porridge.
  4. Nicola vosper 22, her pussy would see some inhumane treatment.....
  5. At least it would'nt smell of anchovy. Quorn, possibly, but not fish.
  6. Grownup_Rafbrat

    Grownup_Rafbrat LE Book Reviewer Good Egg (charities)

  7. childish snigger. Good luck getting tofu inside love.
  8. Why is it these ******* never DARE target any of the barbaric halal abbatoirs or Butchers, too scared of the consequences perhaps? I'm sure the nice gentle Muslims wouldn't bother calling the Police to deal with them, just send a few of their butchers around with some very sharp knives!

    Why do most of them (males included), feel the need to insert lumps of metal in their heads? some other form of inadequacy perhaps!
  9. Criminals. Please will everybody note that these "activists" are in fact criminals. Not "animal-lovers" or "protestors" and not "political " but criminal. Should you come across one of these characters on their release, please make sure you tell everyone that you know of them because they are criminals who were censured heavily by the judge in the case.

    When the person/people you are telling about these criminals ask what they went to prison for, say you aren't exactly sure of the details but that they were part of a conspiracy and it had something to do with paedophilia as far as you remember...
  10. I can see why they would be so opposed to vivisection etc... they do have a certain low browed, simian quality about them...
  11. I've suffered at the hands of the animal rights mob, including reciept of a jiffy bag with razor blades sewn inside the flap (ouch) and a note saying the blades had been infected with Necrotising fasciitis. I nevertheless think that a ban on animal rights activity, even within the law, is unjust. The woman hasn't been imprisoned for animal rights activity but for criminal acts, therefore I think it against the principles of justice to ban her from that activity. I'm also rather uncomfortable with the way the police tag peaceful protesters as 'domestic extremists.'
  12. P_F: I've seen, at full tilt, peaceful AR protestors. Guess what? They are peaceful when they protest. We never had a problem with them and they're continued presence did wonders for my security budget come November when the lie sheet had to go up the food chain.


    The 'peaceful' protestors were also dicking staff vehicles in and out, trades and supply deliveries and noting security routines and strengths.

    This information was then passed up their (vegan) food chain and resulted, possibly, in your unwarranted Gillette Mach 3 delivery.

    You are no doubt aware that they learnt much from IRA/PIRA. For these reasons, I am comfortable with the term domestic extremists.
  13. I actually support animal rights when it comes to things like banning animal experiments for cosmetics, or needless cruelty to appease some fictional sky pixie!

    Genuine medical research on the other hand I support.... if its a choice between a life saving cure for a child or Thumpers well being then I'm afraid thumpers off to Doc Mengeles animal lab!

    People should have the right to peacefully protest and of course they should also be denied any life saving treatment that may have been developed thanks to animal experimentation in order to prevent them becoming inadvertant hypocrites!
  14. Ill be the one to do it i hope