Animal cruelly

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Billboard, Jul 20, 2009.

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  1. My neighbour above my flat has a dog which is seriously neglected. I found it yesterday evening a few houses down the road. I then knocked on his door saying ive found your dog he denies it belongs to him and its a person's across the road. But the house has just been vacant for about a week so i take it in. I hear no dog upstairs any more like the usual then i feed the dog food and water . When its feeding its eating so savagely even for a dog and it starts choking and drinking like its never seen water. I say the dogs name to confirm my suspicions no suprise it responds exited. I then check the dog over its smelly with fleas, long claws (he never walks it not even to shite or piss) skinny ribs and black gums. Im disgusted with this human filth so i phone a dog charity to collect her then i let her in the garden to move about. The dog disappears so i search but no luck he then comes outside i ask him where hes dog is and he replies “I never let it out”. But i got no proof so leave it. Today all i hear from the scum is stay in your bed literally every 5 minutes the poor thing cant even stretch or eat. What should i do? Shes a lovely dog that i would home.
  2. Report him to the RSPCA simple as that or sinve it's the NAAFI petrol through the letter box normally does the trick might even get a new house out of it always look for the silver lining in every cloud :D
  3. RSPCA all the way, give them a call, tell them exactly what is going on and leave the rest to them
  4. I stole a GSD from a bloke like that, If you can get at it again take it to an animal charity, or Vet and get it medicaly checked and chipped, inform both the RSPCA and local police that the dog was in distress and you took it for it's own saftey, keep the paperwork and Bobs your uncle
  5. I wont to try and resolve it my self if possible but how should I approach what should i say?
  6. Don't go down the bladed root to sort the problem. Like with old people and children the best answer lies with good ol' blunt trauma. Do you know the weight of the animal?

    I have a use of force table I wrote myself, which you are welcome to use. If you are less well built but determined, a rolling pin should do it, but it may take more than one blow. If you are fat (and you sound fat) I think a single swing with a cricket bat should do the trick.
  7. Why not just run into the knobbers flat open the window and do a Divis flat special by throwing the dog out the window and shouting if I cant have niether will you! :twisted:
  8. Be sure to set the dog on fire first for the "authentic" look.
  9. Go RSPCA route or local council, about noise, smell ect
  10. I was in a similar situation. A neighbour's flea-ridden Staffy was wandering in the busy road and in my front garden. There seemed to be a real danger of him getting run over. When I knocked on the neighbour's door, he kicked the dog away. I phoned the RCPCA and the local police (Bognor/Littlehampton) but neither were helpful. I guess I could have phoned the dog warden. In the end the local vet took him in for the night, and said he would rather have to deal with the dog in one piece.

    Had I phoned an hour later, I can understand the police being dismissive .......

    ....... the local plod were busy because Roy Whiting had just got his grubby mitts on Sarah Payne.
  11. And then tell em he's got a dog in there as well!! :wink:
  12. Fully concur with that which you have vouchsafed, Super unleaded to be used I take it??.

    Oh, and please make sure you save that poor hound before ant conflagration unsues.
  13. Oh Yeeees, the old cricket bat ploy, quite forgotten about that one "Clicky Ba" as Abdul was wont to call it
  14. Buy some dog biscuits, and lace them with the strongest weedkiller you can buy, my choice is anything with a high level of Sodium Chlorate.

    Then post them through his letter box, job done.
  15. I thought he was called Chung.Not sure, though.Certainly cracked "many skulls"!