animal abuse limerick

Discussion in 'The Lamp and Sandbag II - The Tall Story Strikes B' started by growler, Sep 7, 2004.

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  1. A taste both obscene & unsavoury,
    Held a curate from ******* in slavery,
    With bestial howls
    He de-flowered young owls
    In a crypt fitted out as an aviary.
  2. unsavoury, in slavery, aviary.

    A different vowel before each "RY"

    Not bad.
  3. Hint of irony there Rajaz?!!!!!
  4. No, Growler. It's meant to be as it reads. No irony intended.

    I'm crap at poetry, limerics, etc.
  5. Outstanding job, Growls.

    Same bloke baptised me. 'Luton' is clearly the missing parish.
  6. Hope that doesn't compromise opsec.
  7. In his sermon last Sunday the words
    "My penchant for pestering birds"
    To his passion eluded
    Confirmed when concluded:
    "But the owls lay unspeakable turds!"

    Shocking, sorry, but I got the different vowels in for Rajaz.
  8. Sorry to be pedantic but shouldn't that be "alluded"?
  9. Yep. Once gain the right word alluded me.
  10. Touché!
  11. Thank God for that old pedant Growler
    Who conveniently spotted my howler
    My crap 5-line ditty
    Was spoiled, more's the pity
    By impatience to tell of the fouler

    or 'fowler'...your choice.
  12. E-T

    you sad, sad boy,

    but i guess you've keep your mind busy whilst mucking out