ANIBA / Flak Jacket

Just out of curiosity, does anyone actually still use the old ANIBA flak jacket? :D
Just out of curiosity are you going to send out the goods people have ordered and paid for ?

British Army Body Armour MK-2

MK-2 or “INIBA” Body Armour was designed by the British Ministry of Defence for use in Northern Ireland to protect the combat soldiers and soldiers on patrol against handguns, bomb blast fragments and sniper rifles.
The MK2 Body Armour, aka Frag vest, Flak Jacket or MK2 Fragmentation Vest is worn concealed under the standard combat smock and provides the best combination of protection and mobility. The Fragmentation Vest is put on over the head and secured by Velcro at one side. It protects most of the upper torso - all around the sides (high under the arm), and over the shoulders. The complete MK-2 Body Armour comprises a Kevlar ballistic filler in an outer carrier. The multiple layer Kevlar ballistic filler is sealed in a cover, and removable from the outer carrier. The outer carrier is olive green Poly/cotton and has pockets font and back for ceramic plates.
Aaaah, summer patroling in NI! Pulling the still damp INIBA vest over your head and inhaling that stale musky odour of sweat and right-guard before feeling the cold wetness on your back. No wonder none of the locals would talk to me!...


Quis Separabit
Vestigia Nulla Retrorsum
Worked well on Blaney road XMG in '83.
I was kind of disillusioned to see folks go on Telic without plates 20 Years later.
INIBA = sweat rash and a foetid stink that made paddy retch when you forced him to sniff it when you had him in a headlock after an evening's scrapping on Springhill Avenue.

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