Angry travellers recall journeys

Discussion in 'Travel' started by eodmatt, Dec 20, 2009.

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  1. the_boy_syrup

    the_boy_syrup LE Book Reviewer

    Best phrase I heard recently was the people of Workington displayed the "Dunkirk Spirit"
    My grandad said it was mostly standing round up to your neck in water waiting for a boat to pick you up

    Well done the Sun then for actually getting it right

    Although must agree we have become a nation of wimps
    No doubt the compo claims will be in before the trains repaired
  2. only 11? now that is lucky :D

    but to be honest it probably is not the best feeling in the world to be stuck under the channel in a train.

    I never use myself, prefer the old fashioned ferries.
  3. Personally I don't like the chunnel. Used it a couple of times and have to say it is rather poopy. Last time I used it I tipped up 40 minutes or so before the next train left and they stuck me on 3 trains later, and it wasn't because the other trains were full, it was because some numpty had done the ticket wrong or something. I like the ferry where it may take a little longer, but you can have a meal, beer, walk round the shops and take in the good view......and I have never had to wait more then 45 minutes to get on one whereas the minimum I have had to wait for the chunnel is an hour.
  4. I also don't know why they are angry, they each get an apology, full refund, another free journey and 150squid compensation.

    Wish I'd been on one of the trains :D
  5. Sounds like they all needed to man up and be part of the solution, rather than part of the problem.
  6. Sounds like they got a fair deal then. Its a pity that the British public in general are a bunch of whiney twats these days.
  7. They should try some of those old German troop trains, then they'd know the misery of rail travel. Those lucky, lucky bastards!
  8. Angry Travellers! What were gypsies doing on Eurostar? Were they angry there was nowhere to put the tarmac left over from the last job? :x
  9. tbf nobody in eurostar was wearing a movers outfit so people presumed it would be a 40 min train journey :twisted: .
    rather than 12 hours in the dark.
  10. My favourite interviewee was the bloke who said he was disgusted because he spent 11 hours on the train and it only took him 10 hours to get from San Francisco to the UK. Well, the train broke down, but at least he got there; if the plane had broken down, well, then he really would have had something to complain about.
  11. Only 11 hours :p what a joke! fly into Brisbane international anything from 3 to 7hours to get through immigration!! the longest we had to wait was 12hours, onarrival at 6am from singers we were warned of delays because the baggage xray machines were not working so every piece of luggage would have to be searched by hand, jet lagged , squashed into corridors between runway and customs no water and the heat started to take its toll, the afternoon shift came on at 1400 and someone had the bright idea to check the system guess what some one had unplugged the main power cableto plug in amobile carwash :oops: just before 1830 we cleared theterminal, this is not a joke or a tall story, try googling Brisbane airport cockups!! At least it wasnt leaves on the line that caused the delay in the channel tunnel :D
  12. Everyone's a Fcuking "Victim" these days and I dare say that they'll be several cases of PTSD to come out of this one.

    When I saw the news last night there were Cnuts crying and blubbering. Anyone would think that they'd been rescued from a capsized cruise liner in the middle of the Pacific Fricking Ocean.

    With reactions like that, no wonder the country has gone to the dogs. Fcuking fannies.
  13. What a bunch on whinging toss pot's!! :evil:
  14. Have to agree the British public can be a bunch of moaning twats sometimes, however from what i've researched the staff could have looked after the passengers better, lastly try a 3 day delay from Batus back to the UK then you have a reason to moan,

    At least they got home before xmas, I only used this service for the first time back in Nov this year for a 3 day break & I found it nothing special.