Angry making Bastard

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by be_alright, Jul 15, 2010.

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  1. Now i'm a civvy and freely admit i most likely couldnt' do what you folks do day in an day out. My family have all served in the Army, from Great Grandfather down to my old man.

    However, i do believe we have the best armed services in the world and the reason for that is unconnected with kit and bullshit but down to each of you.

    Imagine then my chagrin on driving down the lane near me to see some fuckwit with a "Hate for Heroes" sign in the back of his VW. Duly i stopped and had a little chat with him, nicely at first. His attitude enraged me, it seems you are all over paid wasters. NO! Anyway said home made sign is not firmly no longer in his car. Unfortunately my daughter was in the car so i couldn't give him a shoeing but i think he may well have got the message.

    Thank you each of you for what you do. Keep it up eh?

    If you don't stand behind our Troops, you should be made to stand in front of them!
  2. How old is your daughter? Is she a looker? And does she bang like a shit house door in a gale?
  3. Why bring age into it? You don't need grass on the wicket in order to play cricket. And doggy style was invented for fuglies
  4. She's 2. But thank you, met with exactly the attitude I was talking about. That or you're calling me a cunt and i'm too intellectually challenged to see it.

    As you were
  5. No your not a cunt except if daughter is only 2 you should have given the pacifist bastard a good shoeing and daughter would have been none the wiser. Or even if an impression was formed in her developing brain it would be that "daddy is a hard bastard and he will look after me". So go find the bastard again and give him the good news!

    PS this is Naafi so your daughter is a tad young for me but what is your missus like? :D
  6. I like it! Me wants one.
  7. I don't get this. You write this article as if the driver is someone you have never met......therefore, Why would a person you don't recognise be driving your 2 year old daughter to somewhere unknown
  8. I'm guessing he's Belgian.

  9. She likes doggy with her hair pulled, rough anal and rubbing jizz into her tits, oh and men with big dicks, guess we're both shit out of luck there eh?
  10. Apparently you cant trust Social workers. No seriously my daughter was in my car
  11. Speak for yourself. Rumours of me being well endowed must have been circulating as lately alot of people are calling me a big cock!!
  12. No that was last week, this week it is "Albertous you really are a big cock". For some reason they laugh when I thank them for the compliment.
  13. Well done that man; that made me larf.:p:D

  14. 'kin lost the plot about 3 mails back. Who did what to who and why? Was the daughter involved in any of this? If not, why not?
  15. Keep up, cos she is 2 and was having her afternoon nap at the time!!