Angry farmer forces travellers from land

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Legs, Jun 14, 2012.

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  1. A bunch of travellers force their way onto a farmer's land. Farmer calls Police and says "Get rid of them or I will", so the Police arrive to protect their rights!

    "They have the right to get the **** out of my field before I get crush their caravans with my digger" should have been the answer.

    Angry farmer forces travellers from land in Shoreham (From The Argus)
  2. the police should have just told the farmer that it was a Civil Matter and left him to it.
  3. I think he did say that which is why in one of the pictures I've seen online (Daily Snail) the police intervene when the conversation heated up. Either way, top bloke for standing up to the non washing, greasy, benefits scrounging twunts and getting rid of them!!
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  4. Oh good oh
    a new gyppo thread, I do enjoy these,
    pikey twats.
  5. Something similar happened to a great uncle of mine... travellers moved onto his land overnight. What the 'travellers' hadn't reckoned on however was that the landowner also owned a quarry and a feckload of diggers and lorries. He rounded up his workforce and used his machinery to surround the site with giant stones so that no one else could get in, but crucially that none of them could get out. He told them that if they wanted out they could come and ask permission and that he would move a stone to let them out, one by one they came and asked to get out, each time one left the stone was rolled back into place to secure the site, until eventually they had all fecked off!

    Funnily enough from that day onwards the area has been fairly traveller free!
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  6. Good man......different way off saying "gerroff my land", but effective.
  7. I wonder if a certain County Council heard about this method, took notes & thought of teh money they could have saved.
  8. TheresaMay

    TheresaMay LE Moderator DirtyBAT

    How can they get benefits if they don't have social security numbers?

    I'm sick of all this rights of minorities bollocks anyway. Good on the farmer.

    See this is why I could never join the police - I'd be ashamed to be part of an organisation that is forced to protect the rights of scumbags. I imagine if one of the coppers had been the farmer's son - he'd have had a slightly different viewpoint.

    Or B - he'd be one of those soft lefty twats that insists he's "just doing his job". Plod and Gypsies in one thread - wonderful.
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  9. Enjoy it while you can! As a self proclaimed ethnic minority they will fall under the incitement to racial hatred laws, so the truth of their thieving, dishonest, slovenly, violent, intimidatory shit-**** lifestyle will be swept under the carpet and protected by law, the dirty, incestuous, tax-dodging, foul, stinking, murderous, squealing, pig-******* obnoxious scummers! Anyone who says different has not spent any time around them or had any dealing with them.
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  10. I would imagine that most coppers would be as keen to see the pikey scum flattened by a digger bucket as the rest of us. If any were motivated by anything other than doing the job that we (the public) demand they do, I imagine it was keeping the farmer out of trouble. They'd have done him no favours by allowing him to continue.

    The law does need changing, though. It's ridiculous that squatters and pikeys have any rights at all when they're effectively stealing what somebody else has worked hard for.
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  11. krd

    krd Old-Salt

    Good for Farmer Palmer "Git orf moi larrnd" indeed. Pikeys? wouldn't piss on em if they was on fire.
  12. Told our local pikeys that the land is haunted. Story spread like wild fire. Superstitious inbreeds.
  13. They can't be all bad, isn't one of them allegedly banging the speakers wife, Sally Bercow.

  14. I have a sneaking suspicion that he's just the latest of a very long line.
  15. The travelling gits have wrecked the local park as they do at least 4 times a year.
    The torys are making hay that the greens are useless at dealing with them.
    A journo pointed out for the last 15 years Brighton councils have been useless at dealing with travellers :(