Anglo-French Naval Accord

Discussion in 'Royal Navy' started by IronDuke99, Nov 26, 2010.

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  1. What's the point of posting the latest pontification from the art students vanity website when he refuses to come on here and debate with the grown ups and deletes any posts on his website that point out his shortcomings and lack of accurate information in his posts?
  2. In fairness, though, that's an entirely reasonable piece by SW for once (so reasonable, I wonder if KW proof read it); there are a couple of points that could be debated, but I'd suggest that it does a decent effort of highlighting some of the issues that sharing carriers could raise and which need to be thought about (they may be obvious to an informed readership on Arrse, but not elsewhere)

    Concur absolutely about the apparent reluctance of Mr Clarke to allow any notable dissent to be shown on the PTT site, though - if (say) Professor Eric Grove turns up on the site, offers polite disagreement with some of the argument and corrects some factual errors in the process to boot, is Mr Clarke going to refuse to let that comment go forward?
  3. Ah, but Prof Grove would clearly lack the 'vision' and 'insight' of the legend in his own lunchbreak Mr Clarke so can be dismissed..
  4. Concur with Archie on this. Mr Ward's latest dit is far more coherent and balanced (if still containing a few typos) and I largely concur with what he's written. Perhaps he is listening to his ARRSE (literally) reviews!

  5. Wow. Maybe fairness is not dead on this generally excellent site.
  6. It's nothing do do with 'fairness' and everything to do with the rather sneering attitude of Mr Clarke who pops in here like an irate shitehawk, sqauks how ignorant and stupid we are unlike him, who is clearly a gifted and talented pan-military collossus, then flies of having told the ignorant masses to read his latest missive and they will be removed from their state of ignorance.

    You can thank him personally that with his attitude here, along with a refusal to debate his claims, and will not tolerate any criticism moderation policy on the PTT forum for turning what could have been a useful forum, (The PTT), into something of a laughing stock.
  7. Sharkey Ward does seem to have made a special effort to think about this in a less biased fashion; he discusses pros and cons with equal emphasis/weight.

    It stands out in contrast to some of the RAF bashing on that site. I mean, how many times have they discussed how inappropriate it is to have RAF aircraft and crews on a RN carrier purely from the perspective of inter-service rivalry?

    Rather a pleasant post after the previous bit of garbage from the Principle (sic) Researcher.

  8. It's OK, normal RAF bashing services have been resumed!