Anglo-American Hero Rick Rescorla honoured

Discussion in 'US' started by DavidBOC, Sep 12, 2009.

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  1. Today I noticed an article in the US Army website about a statue of Col. Rick Rescorla, USA (Ret.) that will be unveiled this week. linky

    Colonel Rescorla was from Cornwall, served in the British Army and the Metropolitan Police before he emigrated to the US. He was decorated for his heroism in Vietnam. Upon retirement from the Army he became Vice-President for security at Morgan Stanley. I understand that he was regarded as a bit of a paranoid pain in the arrse for insisting on evacuation drills in case of terrorist attack. On 9/11 (or 11/9 as you prefer) he was responsible for saving the lives of over 2700 Morgan Stanley employees. A true hero in my opinion and deserving of this honour. The article does not mention his British background.

    Rick, Dyw genes!
  2. IIRC, he had a bro from his Ia Drang days who had worked as an FBI terrorism expert. And when he became chief of security at Morgan Stanley he asked in the 90's about the biggest risk to the WTC- Car/Truck Bomb was the reply

    After 93 had him re-evaluate the threat and said Aircraft

    Man had Balls of Steel, Knew the building was likely to come down on him but went back up for a woman in a wheelchair with some of his people to get her out.
  3. I was fortunate to know Rick as he liked to be known (his real name was Cyril). He was in the year group above mine at school. Rugby was his main sport. We met up again after I had retired from Army service and returned to Penzance. Fortune decreed that he would walk into my antique shop. We maintained contact until his death.
  4. After his death, St Ives' MP, Andrew George campaigned for a decoration or other recognition for Rescorla's efforts on 9/11. I received a letter from Mr. George saying HMG had turned it down as Rescorla had become a US citizen & of those he saved, not enough were British.

    Words fail me.

    The Cornish haven't forgotten him, there's a memorial in Hayle, his home town.
  5. I still haven't figured out why my government (US) has not done something for him either. Rescoria was a standout among a lot of heroes that day. Father Mychal Judge, a FDNY chaplain, was killed while ministering to injured firefighters and others and was (quite deservedly) awarded a postumous Medal of Freedom. I still feel thay should do the same for Rescoria.

    Actually though it really does not matter if a medal is awarded; Rick Rescoria will always be remembered by all of us who work with the memory of 9/11 and attempt to learn lessons from the events to make our cities safer no matter where we are. A friend and colleague, who on 9/11 was a NYPD Sgt. working in 7 WTC, is a former NY cop who has seen a lot and he still gets choked up talking about him.

    (note: lots of people also study your subway bombings for the same reason)
  6. Is it true that Mel Gibson deliberately omitted any ref to Rescorla in his film 'We Were Soldiers' due to the fact he was English?
  7. Cheers for posting that Joe. A truly genuine hero and a very remarkable man, made even more remarkable by that quite astonishingly prescient video interview. Now there was a fella who really knew his onions. It really should be required viewing.


  8. Just watch the video and see what he says about the US thinking it can be top dog etc etc. I cn bet he would have been a thorn in Bush's side had he survived.
  9. Don't get me started MM or I'll be recalling certain Gallipolli Threads etc.

    The Website dedicated to Rick Rescorla does have quite a mention of his Roots and his beloved Cornwall:


    A little clutch of veterans share a table in a bar,

    There's a guy off in the corner coaxing tunes from his guitar.

    They watch the Hudson River as it rolls towards the bend

    And they talk of Rick Rescorla as a comrade and a friend.

    While out across the water, many ocean-miles away

    Within a Cornish Tavern by a sandy Cornish Bay,

    Another group are gathered, reminiscing as a clan,

    And their thoughts are all of Tammy, from the schoolboy to the man.

    And every head among them has a picture in its mind

    Which time and place and memory have captured and consigned,

    Now the pictures weld together until only one remains,

    Of a sturdy, selfless hero guiding others from the flames.

    It's a picture which unites them in their glory and their grief,

    More eloquent than eulogies, confirming their belief

    That theirs had been a privilege to saunter at his side

    And in the way he'd lived his life had Rick Rescorla died.

    The veterans recalled him in the killing fields of war

    As a man whose potent presence would inspire and reassure,

    Just one among his brothers when the skies began to fall,

    Yet one whom they regarded as a father to them all.

    And now their eyes will moisten at the mention of his name

    And the sources and the substance of the legend he became,

    When mayhem drove the best of men to crave their mother's love,

    He'd stand and croon an anthem to the gory gods above.

    And on that evil morning, so deceptively serene,

    Amid another carnage, just as callous and obscene

    Again he took the mantle of the sainted and the strong

    To save the lives of others with a blessing and a song.

    Between the Hudson River and the sandy shores of Hayle,

    Though eyes encompass differences of latitude and scale,

    All hands are linked together in the testament they bear,

    They are but Rick Rescorla’s friends, united by a prayer.[/align]
  10. Why is this fella such a bell-end? Any ideas? Served with loads of Aussies and there was an undoubted bond between Brits and our Antipodean cousins, so whats this gimps' issue?
  11. Don't get him started on the Jews will you!
  12. Hollywood is not history. Repeat this mantra whevever watching a Mel Gibson film.