Anglican Church divorces US and Canada

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by RCSignals, Feb 25, 2005.

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  2. I seem to recall the head of the anglican church in kenya (or one of the 'enlightend' countries in africa) said that the act of appointing a gay bishop was an act of satanism and that they might aswell burn the bible!

    I guess he wasnt happy about having a pillow biter in the club :twisted:
  3. I do wonder personally what the US and Canadian Anglicans were thinking. Now I know every church reeks of hypocracy at times especially when tracing historys but this seems a little extreme.

    Homosexuality is a no no by the bible that much is evident, when reading it. Although I somehow feel God shalln't be wiping out Washington D.C or Ottowa.
  4. Exactly Ant, and God was a single white dude. Who knows he could have been gay too.
  5. So is eating shellfish and being a disabled priest.So no more prawn cocktail for you Mr" Vicar-with-a-limp"
  6. You have hit upon one of the main problems facing the Anglican Church. When they sent missionaries over to convert african heathens to christianity they were rather more successful than was perhaps good for them. So much so that if the Archbish-of-C was an elected post in a truly democratic way, he would be a black african. Now wouldn't that set the teacups rattling in the home counties eh! Our African christians also have the tendency to be the most fundamentalist too. I bet Rowan's really chuffed with that!
  7. Hardly a shocker that they are having a row what with a bunch of gibbons and chimps making the decision. Would sooner have a botter doing my wedding than a monkey.

    Does this also mean tha now they are divorced that when they reconcile it will be in a civil ceromony?