Anglican Bishops

BISHOPS of the Church of England want all Britain’s Christian leaders to get together in public to say sorry for the war in Iraq and its aftermath.

After listening to the reasoning behind this on today's Daily Politics, I was left pondering the mental image of religious leaders in Iraq suggesting that their County's leader issue an apology to the UK for the terror he has inflicted and its aftermath. Somehow it didn't happen.

It does seem a little tactless and dismissive issuing such a statement at a time when our troops are still in Iraq and need our moral support.,,2-1787421,00.html.


While I’m of two minds on weather we were right to have invaded Iraq.
I don’t see why we should apologise as the end result of the war was the liberation of the population from dictatorship.
I also don’t see what right the Church of England has to apologise on the behalf of the nation. We’re not all religious, and those of us who are are not all Christian. If you take into account the declining interest in religion in the UK, I doubt very much if the Church of England can claim to speak for the majority of us.
Sure the debate over 'should we/should we not' go on for a long time to come. As it stands, we did it, we are still there and we may be there for some time.

I would imagine that by now every terrorist in Iraq/UK is taking this as a positive sign that their cause in the eyes of the Almighty is just and they were right all along.

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