ANGLIAN Protest Arrests

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Mr_Fingerz, May 14, 2009.

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  1. Mr_Fingerz

    Mr_Fingerz LE Book Reviewer

  2. "Further arrests are anticipated after which a file will be submitted to the Crown Prosecution Service for consideration."

    This should be interesting!
  3. And after all the police work done, the cps will let them go with no charges.....
  4. Exactly my thinking.
  5. Personally, I don't think they should be charged. Protecting civil liberties is more important than getting one over on a bunch of lunatics.

    HOWEVER, a bit of common sense on the part of the coppers would have dealt with this at the time:

    "If you continue this protest, we will not protect you. We suggest you leave."
  6. I think you'll find that inciting racial hatred is an offence in this country, no matter ethnicity.
  7. What type of civil liberties are you protecting? The liberty to have a peaceful and fun family day at the parade? The liberty to take your child to see daddy or uncle without having him called a child murderer?

    The streets are like badminton courts, they are booked out in advance and for the express use of the booker, one at a time. The moslems could have booked for the following day, but instead they came to ruin the day knowing people would ignore them otherwise.

    Since when was slander, defamation and breach of the peace civil liberties?

    Next time you're out and about doing something you've planned in advance, let me know and I'll come along and shout at anti-hippy, anti-lefty carp at you.
  8. Well its taken them long enough! If they had acted on the day and made arrests when the offences were being committed they would not have had to run an exspensive operation. :roll:

    The CPS will have OK'd the charges but will then drop the case once all the files are done. It won't be in the public interest to proceed.Meanwhile the scumbags will have legal add to fight the charges. :x
  9. Since Beds Police ''allowed the muslim protest'' in the first place,and public order offences were probably commited as a result,I gthink that the CPs are likely to turn down any court action,against these people-unfortunately.Beds Police have a heavy responsability for these events and should be reported to the IPCC.
  10. I'm certainly no hippy, but the right to protest is an absolutely basic and fundamental right. Without it, we may as well have rolled over and let Adolph and his chums in all those years ago.

    Taking people to court for using that right, no matter how much it disgusts you - and trust me, I would have no trouble putting a bayonet through any one of them - is a slippery slope. Christ, they'll be banning us from protesting outside parliament next...

    BUT the point I was making is that society is - to some extent - self policing. Had the protesters not known the police would protect them, they wouldn't have shown up.
  11. You have some strange logic here.They have a right to insult and abuse and the police were right not to act.But the police should have stood aside and let the public attack them! Don't quite follow you :?
  12. They have a right, under law, to spout as much objectionable sh*te as they like. However, the police are not bodyguards for people that go looking for trouble, and should refuse to act as such.

    My logic is that if the police were to refuse the protestors protection, the protestors would have left - sharpish - of their own accord.
  13. Whilst fully in agreement about freedom of speach being of paramount importance to our democacy there are limits to the way that freedom should be exercised.

    It is not acceptable nor should it be permissable to express certain opinions in public when the intention is to cause public disorder.

    I would defend their right to hold their views in rational debate/private where the intention is not to incite hatred towards those who do not hold their views.
  14. True, but sentencing will depend on your ethnicity and colour of your skin. You're fucked if you're a white British citizen, that's for sure.
  15. NO THEY DON'T (I'm shouting because you appear to have missed/ignored my previous post.)
    Hopefully that's clear for you now. You could even throw in the last point too, just for good measure.