Anglian & EYG Windows

Discussion in 'Finance, Property, Law' started by A_Knocker_Till_The_End, Sep 11, 2009.

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  1. anyone had any work done by this company recently????

    i have had quotes from safestyle/weatherseal & crown windows but the window craftsmanship of the first two left a lot to be desired as did the warranty they offered.

    3 doors & 10 windows for £4900 i think is a fair price, agreed???? (15 year warranty on the glass & 10 years on the frames/furniture)

    any info would be a bonus.

    cheers as always.
  2. Anglian seem to be OK did mine about 3 years ago no problems so far, price you quote is a lot more than I paid but that depends on what you want done.
  3. Do you live anywhere in the South West as we have someone who is absolutely excellent, brilliant standards no quibble after sales (not heard of anyone who has had a complaint though) and superb prices. If not disregard matey

  4. no sorry, we in lincolnshire.

    that is the best quote we have had so far believe it or not. it does include a bay window & three windows of over 6.5" width.

    what was your price & for what combination if you don't mind me asking O-A-I ????

    thanks for the swift reply.
  5. Knocker - more the issue will be the experience of the Anglian Team fitting your new windows. The windows themselves are generally pretty well made. Worth checking on the "tradesmen" who will be doing the work and if possible, ask for a local reference, installed by the same team. Then go speak to the householder.

    Otherwise, source the windows yourself and buy in a few crates ya tight git!
  6. I used to work for Everest and the only company that came close on quality was Anglian. I think the price you are quoting is bloody good. The only way you might get it any cheaper is to go to a small independant company but then you have the problems of aftersales.

  7. i have done a few in the house myself but i did not fancy taking on the bay window & after working out what i paid for the last set of windows we bought it does seem like a good deal.

    do you really think i would trust RE tradesmen in my own house :?: :wink: :?: :wink:

    cheers P_T
  8. And by using one of the major companies, there is (hopefully) less likelihood of them going bust. The guarantee is worth SFA if the company has ceased trading.

    As happened to me. :x
  9. The guarantee should always be underwritten. If the company was a member of the trade bodies FENSA or GGF, you should be able to apply to have the work rectified by an alternative supplier. If the guarantee was underwritten by an insurance company you've sh1t out.

  10. the_boy_syrup

    the_boy_syrup LE Book Reviewer

    I don't know about Anglian but do not touch Safestyle UK with a barge pole
    They fitted a bay window at my mothers house and almost managed to bring down the front of the house

    Also did very similer to someone else I know

    Took a hell of a lot of threats including a very senior member of a Royal Architechts Society threatening to sue themn to get it fixed
  11. safestyle came out & quted but they were over a grand more expensive than anglian & their guarantee is only for 5 years.
    the windows they install are far less of a quality than anglian (anglian - b rated, safestyle -c rated)
  12. Especially the sparks' Knocker - turn the lights on and the kettle boils. :D

    Might be worth taking a look here, for the reviews:
  13. Mrs I had Anglian do the kitchen windows and a couple of others several years ago. Old farm house, so not standard sizes (and several expensively large).

    Really quite impressed overall. You might have a careful look at the security furniture though. Keys for ours look like they're made of tin foil.
  14. cheers have looked on that site & also grumble text.

    Grumble Text

    just had EYG in this morning & they have just quoted me £4750 for the lot.

    choices .... choices
  15. I work in the Commercial sector (bloody great buildings with glass fronts etc).

    I would never use any of the big installers, you are paying for their advertisers, head office etc, and sales team. Get someone local, one man band, very small conpany, with a good reputation.
    Fitting teams in large organisations can vary greatly, and a lot are just passing through.

    Warrentee's arent worth sh1t, and underwriters will try and wriggle out of anything. Big companies more stable? No, one of the biggest, Coldseal, pheonixed and are now Warmseal, with no redress for old customers, same with Zenith and Staybrite.

    The domestic uPVC market is on its knees, you will get a better price than Anglian, tell them what you want and dont fall for the add ons.

    Personaly I stear clear of the public, their a pain in the arse :)