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At least 6 good men dead, and 8 injured possibly

A foreign secretary who describes a document that committed us to an invasion, with attendant deaths and serious injuries as "A complete Horlicks"  and "Embarrasing" (Ref. BBC news)

The damning of Britians good name and reputation in the world community, as a byword in decency and fair play. Scorn by the international community, as Britain takes it's place in their eyes as America's lapdog

No sign yet, of the fabled Weapons of mass destruction that caused this in the first place

A UN weapons chief, who alludes as diplomatically as possible, that it was all Bollocks

A commitment to police an invaded country for the foreseeable future, with no easily discernable benefits

Yes , I am angry


Angry is not a strong enough word. :-[

I hope this causes the downfall of this lieing cheating shite government.

:-[ :-[ :-[ :-[ :-[ :-[ :-[ :-[ :-[ :-[ :-[ :-[ :-[ :-[
I realise that I'm not 'dish of the day' around here, but  I'd like everyone to know that I'm very saddened by today's events.  God bless those brave men and their families.

As a civilian, I think I'm one of the (sadly) few in the UK who realises that I 'sleep safely in my bed of a night, because rough men stand ready to do violence on my behalf'.

Tonight is the last time I'll post on this forum.  I may disagree with some, perhaps many, on this forum about USA, Israel, etc., but I'll never forget the sacrifices made on behalf of myself and all free people.


They shall not grow old as we who are left grow old.
Age shall not weary them, nor the years condemn.
At the going down of the sun and in the morning,
WE WILL REMEMBER THEM.....regards all biffa .ex royal ..

Shame us

Loved ones once again taken from friends, families and colleagues.

For my twopennethworth:

1. What ammo/means of defence did the 6 RMP who were killed in action 24/6/03 have?
2. What back-up and comms were available to them?
3. Why were 6 seemingly isolated 'Support Service' personnel in such a 'known trouble-spot' anyway?

Hopelessly outnumbered by the mob

I remember the last time I heard a journalist say that about trapped British Soldiers.

You're right Seamus, and those questions will hopefully be asked at the enquiry.

Hoon has been talking of sending out several thousand more troops, but Local are saying no need.

I'm not even sure if we should adopt a more aggressive stance. This town is 30 miles from the Iranian border, and a haven for smugglers and badmashes. I wonder if this was the local criminal gang.

I think Straw should ask the Iranians for a Hot pursuit agreement, because I'll bet half these Bastards are in Iran right now.

Saddam freed a lot of scum, when he emptied his jails, and , like Bosnia, these Bastards follow war like a bad smell. They want to sort out their territories now, and they sure as hell, don't want us messing with their new, lucrative business.

So get hold of the list of prisoners released, pull them in, and start interrogating the scum. Do ordinary Iraqis tool about the place armed to the teeth?


Well said dougal
This entire version of events, is coming from one man, the "Arabic Radio Journalist"

It is indeed fortunate, that a journalist from a Radio station, which itself is an offshoot of Voice of America
was on the scene to witness these events take place. :mad:

Nearly everyone interviewed , has not reported that the soldiers pleaded for their lives, and were executed.

What they do say, is that Simon retreated his section in good order to the Police Station, and from there, prepared to make his stand. The blood in the Police Station, the spent cases and the appaling sight therein, testify to an heroic last ditch defence, organised by a former Parachute Regt senior NCO. The Iraqi policemen said this, various townspeople ,The doctors who returned their bodies interviewed by reputable journalists have said this, and the Police Station, is full of holes.

So far, the only version that states our soldiers were executed in the street, is based on the testimony of this one Journalist.

His testimony is so full of holes, it is beyond comprehension.

Shame us

Let me assure you, Simon pleading for his life and allowing himself or his colleagues to be executed, if that was how it was reported in the Sun, is about as likely as Prime Minister Campbell and chums being entirely truthful at a Parliamentary Enquiry.

It's not going to happen.

They say 'a picture paints a thousand words'.  The pictures that I've seen show an obviously heroic battle having taken place.  That much is clear.

To give column space to such rubbish beggars belief.

I would have expected it from the Mirror, shame on you, Sun.
Those of us who knew him will agree with you Seamus.  Sadly those  who report for The Sun and other comics, didn't know him.  They prefer to paint a desperate picture which stirs up revulsion amongst its readers and the picture of men pleading for thier lives will do just nicely.  They spun out the same yarn for those two Sapper lads who were murdered in the early stages of the war. But I'll bet that Staffy did all he could for the Sapper.  Sadly neither of them are around to tell us what really happened.   Each comic has its own and often political agenda and they'll not change.  Besides, as the old adage goes.....why ruin a good story with the truth?

Sadly, we've come to expect and in some cases even accept such conduct from of our media.  Remember, the truth never got in the way of a nice earner and they are a business after all.  That's why I despise and distrust them.

I served in Drumadd with HJ for a couple of years when he was with 172.  He wasn't any great pal of mine, just someone I would occasionaly get drunk with, like you do.  He spent most of his off duty time getting pissed up the 'Screws Mess' with his Section.  When he did grace the Sgts Mess with his presence however, he was fun to be around and had a brilliant sense of humour. There's a good few lads in the SIGNALS, A & SH and the R IRISH (his section used to work for 8 R IRISH as they were then) who will remember him fondly.  I can honestly say that I have never heard a bad word said about him.   The picture shown of him on the news says it all, 'A big jovial lad, at his happiest on the DZ'.   Let's face it he was more PARA than Provost!

I for one and I believe that I also speak for all who knew him can say that I am honoured and extremely proud to have made his acquaintance.  I truly believe that he made his decision to stand with his Section.  He was given the opportunity (it looks like twice now), to run.  He didn't.  He wanted to be with his troops, just like when he was in Armagh.  He showed imence bravery and leadership and has set an example to us all.
They talk of leadership in the Army and there is a good deal of talk, particularly from those who know little of the subject.  But here was leadership full on.  You can bet your bottom dollar that his name will come up in all future SCCs and PCCs!  And too bloody right it should as well.

Stu Rogers comment to Sky was very good and very true.  He'd have thought about his men first.

I remember getting my 'Conduct After Capture' lecture prior to my last deployment by a chick from the Int Corps (who'd probably never seen an angry man).  One of the 'for instances' she gave was about some choppsy CP warrior, who when captured by some unfriendly locals in SL, gave off a bit of lip and got filled in for his troubles.  She'll have something else to talk about now, but it will be interesting to see how that story develops over the next few years.   The ex PM who was narrating for Sky News yesterday, covered the point of RMP 'being first in last out' and Kev Daves DSO.  There's lots of other instances that could have been given as well. There's Paddy McMichael and the CP team in Beirut ('79 I believe), who shot the shit out of that truck bomb heading for the 2nd hotel full of US Marines.  They saved about 300 lives that day and the Americans, who had just lost around 200 Marines in the previous attack, wanted to award medals to the team.  The Brit Government said no way, it was their job.  It wasn't, they were there to protect the Ambassador not the US Marine Corps, but they put themselves well out that day.  There's other examples that can be given but never are.  Most of the Army haven't a clue what the RMP war role is and those who do, aren't interested.  RMP isn't a sexy job and they've got no gucci kit.   How many times have you rolled out in theatre in a Wolf with 3 mags each and shit for bust comms?  Nothing to protect you but your 'bullet proof' red beret whilst every other badge, who don't go into half as many 'iffy areas, has armour and are better armed?   A couple of Minimi's per Section would be nice?  Perhaps one or two of those 'retired' armoured lannies, which they're bring out of the Province?

Every now and again, a leader emerges, no matter what his cap badge is.  HJ was one of that small group.  So to hell with how the Sun or any other comic portrays him.

Whilst the crap the gutter press spins out about situations like this angers me as well, the picture of HJ shown on the news is the image which for me at least, sums him up best and the one which I will always hold of him.  God Bless him and his lads.  They had more balls than any journalist.


Top words from you both Ma and PTP. Met HJ a few times myself and he was one of the nicest blokes you could hope to meet. You can see him and his lads now sitting up there having a few beers and telling it like it is. And knowing HJ he's probably adding a bit here or there as well, even if he doesn't need to. Respect and love to you all lads you died a proper death doing the business. Examples indeed to everyone out there.
And as we all know ignore the papers. They're full of shit. The true account may take some time to emerge, even if we ever all really find out, but from the grapevine it looks like the 6 gave 'em hell.
We will remember.

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