Anger over relaxing of gun law for Olympics

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by mac1, May 6, 2008.

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  1. Surprisingly, this hasn't been already posted. Now, TBH I'm no supporter of Olympic pistol shooting as I think its an insult to other shooters who have had to suffer UK gun laws, for these people to be given special dispensation for political expediency. Then again...maybe if it annoys the likes of pearston, GCN etc, its fine by me...

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  2. Why don't you support the pistol shooters? Target pistol was hit the hardest by tougher laws.

    The article is a load of crap. there is a huge differance between a target pistol and P226. I would love to know how many deaths or crimes have been commited with a target pistol.
  3. Single shot pistols that are about a foot long and weigh a ton due to balancing are in great demand for armed robbers I hear. I actually support this because it mans tht finally the government is realising that not all laws should apply equally to everyone in all circumstances.
  4. Or by Olympic athletes
  5. Its so they can accurately shoot the locks of the safe. Shotguns were used but they found out the spread was too large for the new uber locks.

    This raises the question, how many children's lives are worth a medal? They have stated that 1 isn't enough, so how many is?
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  6. I stated why I didn't support the target shooters. IMHO shooters should not co-operate in any way whatsoever in making the Olympics a success given the UK govt's treatment of them and the sport.

    P226's are used as target pistols - when they were legal for civilians on the UK mainland, you certainly couldn't own them for self defence.

    Whether any crimes have been committed with target pistols is irrelevant where pearston & GCN are concerned - they just want rid of shooting altogether.
  7. Or perhaps this gubment is intending to bask in the reflected glory of any potential UK medallists. They are prepared to bend the law to suit their own self serving needs.

    Another breathtakingly hypocritical stunt pulled by an increasingly desperate and corrupt government. They make me want tp puke.
  8. Exactly. It certainly isn't because they consider pistol shooting to be legitimate and if they could get shooting taken out of the Olympics altogether I'm sure they would.
  9. I think the govt is relaxing the rules because they detract from their promotion of the Olympics.
  10. But it will be a Conservative government that basks in the reflected glow :D

    Unless Cameron makes a severe cock up.
  11. I was already angry that the government intends to allow, mostly foreign, athletes to do something that is illegal for me to do.

    The correct solution is to repeal the ban on target pistols for every honest citizen.

    The plan discussed here is further damaging the entire concept of justice.

    By the way, have you noticed that the entire shooting sports complex is going to be temporary, so that we cannot use it after the Olympics?
  12. ......which all goes to show that the gobment is frightened that law abiding folk may one day turn their guns on them WHEN THEY FINALLY GET PISSED OFF. Ok to allow the polis to have access and crims to have access....that's containment. Give the general populace access and one day..........Ahhggggg!!!!
  13. there isn't really anger 6 members of the gcn out of a population of 60 million
    50 million plus will go who gives a *****
  14. blue-sophist

    blue-sophist LE Good Egg (charities)

    I suppose that depends on your definition of tragedy ... Rhys Jones in Croxteth could be defined as a tragedy, as could the cases of the many others being shot on the streets of various cities with firearms that apparently should not exist.

    Sadly, reasoned argument will never have any effect on people like the GCN.
  15. Tonya Harding?