Anger Management

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by speedybham, Jan 30, 2009.

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  1. Yesterday I was confronted by a complete tosser. Although I looked like I was about to explode I did keep my reasoning to a breif but loud splutter, before telling him to leave, to which he did at a remarkable pace.

    Today I wondered if anyone could recommend any other techniques that I might use in the future once verbal reasoning gets abit boring and I result to my previous skill set.
  2. Anger is a defence mechanism and a product of fear. Dont fear someone and they will find it very hard to make you angry. Thats why physical training and sports like boxing promote self control - less fear = less anger = less likely to become violent.
  3. Just shoot the twat
  4. Thats an interesting theory... so violence is related to fear? Being Friday I will put this to the test later tonight....
  5. Especially if your name is Boy George :p
  6. I don't get angry.My problem is frustration.Telling some fcukwit several times how to do something,or how to get somewhere,draw a diagram and everything,yet they still look at you like your the eejit.But it is them that are standing,open mouthed,with a small trickle of saliva running down the corner of their mouth.
    That is very frustrating.
  7. i didn't pay him a penny, the fcukwit in question was just useless, like vvaannmmaann said it's complete frustration
  8. So why do people get angry at skinny little chavs who couldn't actually cause real damage? What are they scared of there?
  9. B_AND_T

    B_AND_T LE Book Reviewer

    I get angry when I can't find the remote, I don't fear the remote.

    Will it help my run time?
  10. Anger management, I think the ex went on a course for that. No, wait a mo, I think that one was called " Management through Anger". Honestly, all her underlings are female. I've been in that office when the painters are in, Hell, I tell you......
  11. Thats no way to speak to an Officer, just say "yes sir of course i will".
  12. Especially if he asks you: "So you think you're going to end the night balls deep in my 15 year old daughter, do you?"
  13. Quite simple really, punch them to the ground, pour petrol over them and set it alight, all frustration gone as they burn, and you get to keep warm in cold weather.

    Hope this helps
  14. Fear may not just be the fear of physical attack but also the fear of social reprisals. You cant batter the chav fag like you could/should do because society tells you you shouldnt, therefore you get angry at the situation up untill the point where you are so miffed that you DO batter him, resolving the immediate situation, but quite possibly making the long term situation for yourself worse.
  15. I disagree there entirely. I've not had a fear of reprisals against those little scrotes.

    Again, why do you get angry when you stub a toe, spill soup over yourself, can't find the TV remote. etc.?