Anger at stop-and-searches call

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by ViolentBadger, Oct 21, 2007.

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  1. "An anti-racism campaigner reacted with concern to a suggestion that police should increase stop-and-searches of youngsters to halt the wave of teenage murders.

    Keith Jarrett, president of the National Black Police Association, says there should be increased use of the controversial policing strategy across all communities.

    However, Milena Buyum, coordinator of the National Assembly Against Racism, said the tactic disproportionately affected the black community. "It risks alienating black communities further, and is not a very effective way of catching people who are likely to commit offences," she said."

    So in the interest of being PC, Buyum would rather black kids shoot black kids than have targetted stop & searches which may help stop or bring down the level of gun crime within the black community.

    What is the point of stopping any other colour kids, when it's blacks kids that are doing the shooting and are the victims.
  2. when I was a teenager I used to get stopped by the police a fair bit. I had long hair and looked dodgy. It takes less than 5 mins for them to get your details checked and if they still think you're dodge a quick search.
    I was always polite to them and co-operated as I knew they were doing their job.
  3. Ditto, I was made on motorbikes and would go watch my mates race their scramblers.

    We often had spanners etc with us, so it was 'group of lads with bikes and spanners, theyre getting spun'

    Never an issue.

    I've had quite a few members of various communities - usually older not youngsters- saying they'd prefer stops and searches as long as the weapons are found.

    Alas still the same racism/oppression allegations even when things are found - drugs/knives etc.

    at the end of the day isnt it better to be inconvenienced a bit rather than keep having teenagers killed?
  4. Im all for it as long as they then follow it up with a conviction of at least 6 months in side for a first offence followed by more serious sentences if they re-offend. The majority of the time they come out with the response
    'Im carrying it for protection'

    boolocks they carry it because they are cowards.

    The only ones who are whinging about this are the ones who have something to hide.

    How about the breweries buying and fitting metal detectors on doors of the town pubs and clubs. It would be a busy time for the bouncers and cause distruptions but might stop idiots carrying. Same thing with ALL schools.
  5. If the (current) main purpose of stop and search is to prevent knife and gun crime why not make use of metal detecting wands. That would allow a very quick and non intrusive search and would eliminate the necessity of forcing people to empty their pockets and take their shoes and socks off. They would not even have to give their names or answer detailed questions about their activities - unless the search yielded a blade in which case they are nicked.

    Walk through metal detectors could be stationed at the entrance to certain pubs and clubs or on high streets on a friday night at the discretion of the Police.

    I don't want to be stopped and searched in the street or have my personal details and comings and goings recorded by agents of the state but I would have no problem at all with a quick 'electronic frisk' to establish that I am not ilegally armed. At worst I might have to take my keys or small change out of my pocket if the wand bleeped.

    I dont want to get shot or stabbed by some chav and would be happy to see the police frisking people like this in public places. If young Black men are commiting the majority of knife or gun crime in a certain area they have to expect to get stopped most often. It might save their lives.
  6. Agreed.
  7. They dont have to give their names as things are.Even if they are arrested, but it obviously makes life difficult.

    and a metal detector is pants for ceramic weapons. Older ones dont even pick up stanley blades.
  8. Most chavs couldn't spell 'ceramic weapon' let alone purchase one. Unless they have filtered down to the high street (I could be wrong here) most of these yobs are walking around with cheap crap that they have chosen because it 'looks the part' or is fashionable in their peer group.

    Maybe I'm mistaken and there is a designer knife culture amongst some chavages. Oh well, at least if I get chived outside a bar one night it might be by a quality blade like a Boker or some such and it wont hurt straight away....
  9. Agreed, I have just spent a few days punting a mobile knife arch around London, it's no good for anything non metallic and is at best a screening tactic only, there is no substitute for a good rummage, however we tend to find a fair amount of contraband dumped by people on seeing us so its not all bad news.
  10. That i've noticed aswell, behind ticket machines or by the main entrance if at a tube station. Ive come across plastic box cutters recently and snapped platic toothbrushed funnily enough, even had someone with a tent peg that I thought was aluminium but turned out it was a metallic looking platic compound like on pants beret badges.
  11. Only those that aren't blinded by their own agenda/importance can see the sad irony.
  12. Crazy isn't it. IIRC the vast majority of gun crime in London is black on black male young adults. So any move by the police to try and stop/reduce this and protect young black males is going to be branded as racist. What a mad world we live in.
  13. It took a black policeman to propose the measure. Cowardice or what?
  14. This is the same type of whinge that the bleeding heart liberals came out with when they considered that too many young Asian males were being stopped ans searched in reaction to suicide bombings. If I recall correctly they suggested that everyone should be searched (including little old grannies) so that the searches were not seen to be targetting certain sections of society. Seems to me, and again I may be over simplifying things, if your searching for young knive or gun carrying thugs then you should be stopping and searching young people, just as if your looking for potential islamic suicide bombers its not much use stopping Ma Kettle on her way to bingo.
  15. I bet most coppers would sh*t themselves trying to conduct a stop and search a granny after she has been down the bingo hall boozing on half a stout. Or even worst trying to keep order down the post office on pension morning.... get the riot police out.