Anger at PSNI recruits IRA medal

Discussion in 'Medals' started by Taz_786, Jan 7, 2006.

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  1. So just how old was this recruit entitled to wear this so called medal?
    I'd have got laughed off the square if I'd had the farking gall to try and wear some spurious gong on my plod pass off
  2. So what would happen if a recruit wore one of these on parade?

    [​IMG] Indian Mutiny

    [​IMG] Ashanti Medal 1873, East/West Africa Medal 1887

    How long until this medal is banned?

  3. The fecking Unionists are outraged by everything..... :roll:
  4. Be Adams and that toad Mcguiness taking the pass-out paraded next.
  5. It was probably worn to see what reaction it got. If he was informed that he wasn't to wear it, he'd have screamed equal opportunities. He'll be bags of fun on patrol down the Shankhill, which is where they should send him.

    At the end of the day.......who cares? He's scored a little victory. Whoopdeef*ckingdoo.
  6. His Grandfather won it... I think 60,000 of these medals were awarded by the Irish Government.


    (edited to correct the figure)
  7. it's something about being able to wear your parents/grandparents medal. I'll bet going by the amount of History that people know here ( ie. not alot) is was probably on a medal bar along with others and the pleb didn't even know what it was. I'm almost sure you need permission to wear them though. Who ever sanctioned it probably knew bugger all about them.

    And yes the Unionists are outraged by everythings. The republicans only take offence if you want to photograph it
  8. Actually, this site has a dazzlingly large number of history mentats, military and otherwise. Gallowglass, for example, will hopefully rock up soon and enlighten us all on the minutiae of this affair.
  9. Yeah, fancy getting the hump because the latest recruit to your local law enforcement
    wears a badge glorifying the terrorists who killed hundreds of their predecessors...

    Please tell me your comment is a wind up matelot, you cnut.

    Incidentally, I believe the GSM NI, along with all other British awards and the RUC Service Medal
    are NOT to be worn on the PSNI uniform. Musn't annoy the Shinners and their small minded mates eh?
  10. Hey, my grandpa was awarded one of those too! I've got it now, but I've never considered wearing it. In fact, I didn't even know it was allowed.
    Have to give that a bit of thought now, though. :D :D :D
    But it'll probably look a bit incongruous with an RAMC Regimental tie, blazer and beret on Rememberance Sunday.

  11. If the police dress code says that he can wear a medal that one of his family was awarded, and I don't think you can when in uniform, or he's allowed to wear non regulation medals that he has been awarded before his service, then okay. Not got a problem with it.

    If however he hasn't earned it himself and the regs state that only certain awards that are awarded to the wearer may be worn in uniform, then he should be diciplined. For 'diciplined' in these modern times, read 'told off a bit' if you want.

    Why should anyone be allowed to change, bend or break the rules to make what is a political point. That's right, they shouldn't. What do you think the reaction would have been from the Republicans if half the recruits turned up wearing an orange sash?
  12. spike7451

    spike7451 RIP

    A good mate of mine who was in the RUC told me that in the days before the PSNI came into being,a senior officer went round the stations,ensuring that ALL traces of the RUC,from crested mugs to awards & photo
    's were removed!
  13. Now we all wear RUC tie tacs hidden somewhere on our person :D
  14. Can tell you've never served in Northern Ireland ya prick!

    Feck off to ur own gay singing and dancing **** *cough* i mean naval forum.