Anger as Shankill bomber is released

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Agent_Smith, Jul 28, 2005.

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  1. Just for posterity may i quote one Mr Tony Blair

    Tony Blair said
    Has anyone else notice how there seem to have been a lot of coincidences occuring in Ni over the last week?

    Blair Plays down their terrorist attoricites
    Adams, McGuiness and the other guy let slip that they have left the IRA council (despite them never being in the IRA :wink: )
    The IRA say that they are planning to disarm (how many times have we heard that?)
    McGuiness travels to the US for a high level political discussion to garner support for the boyos
    Sean kelly released early and without setence review despite breaking his curfew more than once

    Just remeber this government don't negotiate with terrorists!

  2. I rather think that Agent_Smith's post probably covers it all.

    "We will not give an inch to terrorism"

    "The cheque is in the Post"

    " I promise that I won't come in your mouth"

    "Cherie will always toe the government line"

  3. Good Post. I'd love to see a jorno at one of his press conferences make this point and see how much bullsh1t he would spout trying to get out of it.
  4. I thought Mcguiness had been banned from the USA, obviously not
    Cheers america for your anti terrorist stance

    Ref. Shankill bomber
    Did you see that slimey Bas****d's grin when he walked free
    A candidate for a lead capsule if I ever saw one
  5. This kind of thing makes me sick.

    Years of hard work catching these Fatherless's whom kill and maime with out a second thought, get let off for the GFPA. I am really sure the victims families are happy about this.

    Lets kill loads of innocents then let them out after a few years!!

    Makes you wonder was all the hard work, late nights, and putting up with being in crap conditions actually worth it!!

    Just another crap thing the govenment has done!
  6. Me too Sabre!