Anger as penpushers at MoD get same Afghan medal as troops

Discussion in 'Medals' started by Skynet, Nov 30, 2009.

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  1. Anger as penpushers at MoD get same Afghan medal as troops risking their lives on front line
    Last updated at 1:13 AM on 30th November 2009

    Award: The Operational Service Medal is also given those who man desks
    isCivil servants are being awarded the same campaign medals for serving in Afghanistan as soldiers risking their lives on the front line.
    Critics said it was 'offensive' that Ministry of Defence bureaucrats manning desks at the British HQ, Camp Bastion, are handed the Operational Service Medal which is also given to squaddies facing Taliban bullets and bombs.
    Penpushers receive the honour from ministers at formal presentation ceremonies, which were introduced after protests that the medals were being posted to them in plastic bags.
    The news follows revelations in the Daily Mail that civilians working for the MoD have earned nearly £300million in bonuses while soldiers have been dying for lack of equipment.
    Civil servants have seen 'good performance' payments double, including rewards for saving money, while on the battlefields of Helmand soldiers have accused the Government of putting lives at risk by scrimping on military kit including helicopters, radios and night goggles.
    Liberal Democrat defence spokesman Willie Rennie said last night: 'It is quite offensive that civil servants should be regarded and rewarded the same as soldiers who are putting themselves in danger to fight the Taliban.
    'We need a complete review of arrangements so that risk and courage is taken into account when medals are being awarded.
    'I think it would be more appropriate to give frontline troops a different medal that reflected their bravery and sacrifice.'
    The Operational Service Medal was introduced in 2000 to honour service in a series of British campaigns, replacing the General Service Medal.
    They have been handed out for service in Iraq, Sierre Leone and the Congo.

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  2. If they are in-theatre for the designated period, then they receive the medal! We are hardly going to strike a different medal!

    A non-story from the Mail and not worth blowing the dust off the outrage bus.

  3. Agreed! But they should pay the soldiers a fair rate for the job being done.
  4. RP578

    RP578 LE Book Reviewer

    Given that the overwhelming majority of personnel at Bastion work under those conditions with the same level of danger and get the OSM, why should the MoD officials be excluded?
  5. So when mortars came flying over the wall as I read is a not too uncommen occurence, do they injure only service personnel or are civvies at risk as well? I assume these guys might do an important, even vital job in most cases and face an element of risk that I'm sure causes their families at home some worry.

    And, before you pillory me, I detest bureacracy however certain administrators ARE needed to keep other staff doing the job they're trained to do. As above, a non-story from a paper that seems to really rile you guys. Don't buy it.
  6. FFS! Another non-story. A story about medals by someone who thinks that the OSM was awarded for Iraq. Fills you with confidence about his mastery of the subject...
  7. Don't blame the author: he probably got a call from his boss last night at 8pm demanding an article to get people's blood pressure up first thing on a Monday morning and this was all he could think of.

    If I was a civvie (which I am) working for the MoD (which I certainly am not) and was sent to Afghanistan then I would want some serious dosh: civil servants don't join up to go to war zones, soldiers join up knowing that they probably will (as opposed to only possibly 8 years ago).
  8. Agreed. there is no such thing as a smart munition that only picks off squaddies so they deserve it as much as any of the loggies, siggies or slime that never go out of Bastion.
  9. So when I was sitting at my desk hearing mortars go off, I was a penpusher?
    When I was sitting in my room at night with the RSM I was sharing a room with, both of us under the table listening to rockets exploding VERY close to where we were, I was a penpusher?
    When I was sat with the Bde Cmdr in a helo one night on the way back from the palace, which was throwing itself about the sky and pushing out flares like there was no tomorrow due to the very real threat, and the ensuing minor case of PTSD I got from this incident, I was just a penspusher?
    When repeatedly I flew into Baghdad, then onto the puma shuttle, dodging some very nasty incidents, I was a penpusher?

    I had it easy compared to many military staff - I would not begin to compare my TELIC experiences to them. However, I (and almost all of my colleauges) did not "sit at a desk".

    I didn't go to Iraq for the medal. I wear it proudly on my military uniform along my other medals because I am incredibly proud of what I did there. I had an easy TELIC, with only a few really nasty moment, but even so I am spitting blood with anger at the suggestion that the most challenging, rewarding and at times downright terrifying 6 months of my life should somehow count for less than my military peers.
  10. I wrote a comment on The Mail On Line site along the same lines as all the above posts and included a paragraph saying that this is lazy reporting and an injustice not only to the Civil Servants who are in Bastion but also that it tars all the military also working there with the same brush.

    Not surprisingly my post was edited to remove any suggestion that the Mail reporter was a throbber.
  11. Yes you were. Minor case of PTSD? Meaning you pooed yourself.
  12. Typical example of 'Hate Mail':

    All Civil Servants are highly-paid, lazy and incompetent 'pen-pushers'.
    The RN is "cowardly".
    All immigrants are illegal dole-scroungers AND job-stealers.
    All celebs are newsworthy.
  13. Hehe, didnt want to say anything, but was very glad I'd located some "trousers brown, for the soiling of" - usually I pay my usual Soho contacts a lot of money to pay for that sort of experience... :p
  14. What critics? :roll:
  15. ugly

    ugly LE Moderator

    The page seems to have been pulled, oh the power of online journalism!