Anger after removed Ghanaian dies

Anger after removed Ghanaian dies
The Archbishop of Wales says the death of a Ghanaian woman removed from the UK while being treated for cancer will be on Britain's conscience.
Barry Morgan said a "civilised, wealthy society" had turned "a sick woman out of her bed and put her on a plane".

Ama Sumani, 39, was removed from a Cardiff hospital in January after her visa expired. She has died in Ghana.

The Home Office said the case had been carefully considered through the independent judicial process.

Friends of Ms Sumani, a widow, have vowed to use funds raised in an attempt to help her to ensure her two children get a proper education.

Her death in Accra came hours after she had been told doctors in the UK and South Africa had been found to treat her.

What sort of moral example does that send to the rest of the world?

Archbishop of Wales Barry Morgan on Ama Sumani's removal

More than £70,000 had also been raised towards drugs unavailable in the 39-year-old's home country.

Dr Morgan said he was "enormously sad" to hear the news.

He said: "I believe her death is on the conscience of this nation because we deported her when it was against every humanitarian instinct to do so.

"My thoughts and prayers are with her family."

'Too tired'

Following Ms Sumani's removal from the University Hospital of Wales, Church of Wales bishops said it had breached her human rights.

Dr Morgan said flexibility was needed in immigration cases, adding: "We need to exercise compassion and understanding and act appropriately for each case.

"It is never appropriate for a civilised, wealthy society to turn, literally, a sick woman out of her bed and put her on a plane to a very worrying future.

"What sort of moral example does that send to the rest of the world?"

Ms Sumani's friend Janet Simmons, from Cardiff, saw her last Saturday when she had asked whether she was taking her back with her.

She had explained that Ms Sumani had not sent her the power of attorney needed but now that was in place, she planned to return to sort things out.

Ms Simmons added: "She refused to talk to me after that. All she said is 'it will take too long'."

A South African hospital were sending a breakdown of costs and a UK doctor willing to treat Ms Sumani had been found, said Ms Simmons.

She added: "So when everything was coming together and suddenly she just said she was too tired."

Some of the funds raised for Ms Sumani would go towards a decent burial, she said.

She added: "The rest, I will try and make sure that her children get a proper education because that was the last thing she said to her brother that Aunty Janet and her friends will look after the children for me because we did promise her."

'Sad case'

Lin Homer, chief executive of the Border and Immigration Agency, said: "This is a sad case, and all of us feel sympathy for her family at this time.

"The circumstances surrounding this case were not unique though.

"The case was carefully considered by trained caseworkers but also through the independent judicial process, which is better and fairer than a decision by me as chief executive or by the minister."

Ms Sumani moved to the UK five years ago to become a student but began working in contravention of her visa regulations.

Diagnosed with malignant myeloma, she had been undergoing dialysis and receiving other drugs in Cardiff.

I dont think I will be losing much sleep.
Me either. We cant afford to treat our own properly so why should an illegal immigrant expect expensive care for free.

I agree with giving legal tourists, visitors and foreign workers cover for accident and emergency treatment but no more.

Legally registered asylum seekers and the like should also get free treatment.

Illegals should get nothing. They should be deported immediately without any right of appeal. They have no right to be here and are, by definition, criminals.
It won't be on my conscience. Too many health tourists/mature students here anyway.
This may show a poor side of my character whch stems from not being hugged often enoughas a child and a lack of alcohol today.
I entirely agree. All Africans suffering terminal illnesses, who have the wit to get student visas and thereby take advantage of our welfare state, should be admitted to NHS care. The British tax/NI payer doesn't mind.


Book Reviewer
She was here as a 'Health Tourist' to get free NHS treatment - she was taking the p!ss!

As for sending her back - it didn't kill her - cancer did, and she died very shortly after being removed from our hospital where she was getting treatment - this suggests to me that it was terminal.

It does beg the question though - if they could raise (through the Church) £70,000 for her treatment - why didn't she pay for it in the first place?

The NHS is there to treat British people, it is not there to treat the world's population - that's why the rest of the world contributes nothing to the NHS.
The only thing that annoys me about this case is how long it took to kick her out of the UK , she had thousands of pounds of our money spent on her plus the legal costs incurred . People who have paid their dues are waiting for treatment and in some cases dieing . Those who feel sorry for her could quite easily have sent money abroad to pay for her treatment .
No? I thought not
It is a good example of just how crap people are at making moral choices. Nobody said, let's take the money that would have been used to treat her and save 200 in the third world. The unseen starving don't get a look in and nobody gives a damn, but once someone is here, and the liberal classes and the sky pilots can put a name and a face to them, all of a sudden the situation changes. Pathetic. Somebody should say;

1) Padre, do you think we should all live on £50 a week in order to create enough cash to treat all the world's cancer sufferers?

2) If you do, why fixate on cancer, why not other ilnesses?

3) If you don't think we should bankrupt ourselves why should we give special help to those who happen to have got themselves here - is there not reason to think they are unusually advantaged in their own countries?

4) Do you ever think that the decline of Christianity has been caused by mindless twats like you?
Taking the Arch Bish's comments to the logical conclusion it would be morally wrong to refuse entry and treatment to a sick person from any place on the planet.
In that she didnt last long outside the UK I doubt that treatment would have made much difference.
As I heard it on the radio this morning was terminal anyway and she would have died had she stayed.
She simply was not the responsibility of the British tax payer. Sorry, it may be calous but it's just not my problem.
When no old fogey from Briatain dies from curable ails and we live it a utopia where everyone gets perefact treatment all the time then maybe we can consider helping those who have not contributed to the system. Until then its just not our problem
It won't be on my conscience.

Archbishop of Wales Barry Morgan, is another religious dick who should watch his mouth and stop sh*t stirring.
I wish as much of a fuss was made each time an elderly native of this country died waiting in a hospital corridoor for 24 plus hours.

If we spent more time and money on our own, then, if we have anything spare, it wouldnt be so bad, why was she here anyway? how long had she been getting treatment for?

Everyone says things like "but they are a poor nation" etc, but how come they have very well fed very well looked after diplomats and ministers? they dont bother with their own people, so why the hell should we?

Charity begins at home, its just a shame our government doesnt adhere to that.

Sod feeding the world, sort out our poor and needy, and i dont mean the lazy gits who are professional dole scroungers, i mean the people who through no fault of their own are homeless etc etc.

How many homeless ex squaddies would the cost of her treatment have gotten off the streets and back into the world again?
Sh1t happens, padre. Get over it.

Anyway, it's YOUR God who created cancer along with everything else. And He could have miraculously cured her. So jog on. :evil:
It is sad and maybe the Immigration Services could have been more compassionate but I wont losing any sleep over it.

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