The Rumour on the Net is that Angelina is up the stump with Brad's love child...official spokespersons are, ro the nonce, speechless..

ooooh, preggers Laura Croft.....

imagining the norks she's going to grow....


okay, I've got to leave for a bit...'nuff from me..
Isn't it amazing that all of the Angelina and Brad romours ahve been coming out lately around the time of the release of Mr & Mrs Smith?


Book Reviewer
Not dissimilar, then, to all the Tom Cruise stories (condemning shrinks, getting 'engaged') just as War of the Worlds comes out? :?
Surely no one is suggesting that the Great and Glorious Angelina straddled Brad without protection merely to have a Pitt the Younger as a shameless publicity ploy??

Or that Tom Cruise, aging and with two marriage strikes behind him, used his marital desparation to fuel media frenzy over his Spielbergian extravaganza??

A-List Star Celebrities wouldn't stoop so low, would they?...on the other hand...kudos to the publicity hacks running their PR machine for coming up with such fab gimics!!!

and they say ingenuity and brilliance is lost....
Angy Joe has a terrible skin complection onest ya'd vomit ya selves if ya saw her without the war paint.
I do worry about young lads
KO have you ever seen a photo, a close up photo of Angelina without make up ? There was a CNN prog on her the other week and it showed her on several occasions with no make up.
Onest zero bull her complextion is terrible.
My pox rotten knob looks better or did back in days when I could check it out.
As young squaddei I lived in Go Go Bars in Bangkok when on leave, and I do know something about the subject, warpaint she must pay her butician a fortune.

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