Discussion in 'ARRSE: Site Issues' started by Poppy, Apr 25, 2005.

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  1. "01: 4(T) > Forums
    02: Aerosexual > Home
    03: angelface > Forums
    04: angelface > Forums
    05: angelface > Forums
    06: angelface > Forums
    07: angelface > Forums
    08: angelface > Forums
    09: angelface > Forums
    10: angelface > Forums
    11: Bladensburg > Forums
    12: boelynbulldog > Forums
    13: brandy > Forums
    14: cait > Forums
    15: CombatCarer > Forums..................................."

    Spooky or what? Are there many faces to angelface? 8O
  2. Maybe i have a split personality :)
  3. BB Alert.
  4. Who or what is BB? I have seen numerous posts Re: BB.

    Me, i am just a newbie with a laptop with a mind of its own. Click refresh and i am here twice, never noticed it was happening till Poppy mentioned it,guess i pressed refresh alot.
  5. Yep it even sounds like BB.
  6. Using Mum's login

    who in the name arrse is this BB? is it a thing? a person? or what?

    all i know is that everyone hates said "thing" and seeing as my mother only has one login how does she have the supposed multiple names of BB?

    oh and by the way she's just a crazed pad's brat with a lot of time to spare at the moment and an obssession with the forums(not neccaserily a posting obssession)

    so obviously its not her!
    and don't go accusing me either!! (she won't let me have a login)