Angela Merkel's office rug was Herman Goering's

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by philc, Jan 28, 2013.

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  1. You would think this would not happen, I mean any thing older than 60 years has to be suspect in Germany.

    Angela Merkel's office rug was Herman Goering's - Telegraph

    Herman Goering's love of wartime loot has come back to haunt modern Germany after it emerged a rug acquired by the Luftwaffe commander still lay in Angela Merkel's office.
  2. Is it a nice rug?
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  3. It goes nicely with her tattoo lampshade.
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  4. [h=2]Angela Merkel's office rug was...munched[/h]
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  5. Well if she's happy with it then I'm made up for her. Our lot would have bought new, wasted loads of money. Well done Ang lass.
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  6. I was expecting the full headline to say Hermann Goering's toupee......
  7. I never knew he wore one
  8. It's a bit of carpet for god's sake, not a priceless work of art! Given that, after all this time who really cares?
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  9. Well Herman probably stole it, if so really it was not his. Might even have been stolen from some poor sod who ended up in the ovens.
  10. My Grandma had loads of rugs and used to trip over them. I do hope Angela is careful.
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  11. I wouldn't ask about her pizza oven either.
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