ang em lad..ang em igh !!

Discussion in 'Military History and Militaria' started by sillyboy, Jul 6, 2009.

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  1. Not for the walt thread hence it going here,

    Just finished some consultancy work for a mate who is palled up with a local authority and has kindly subbied me in.

    Met an interesting old bloke who lives next to the proposed site who quite possibly is the nuts.

    His phrase 'ang em lad..'ang em 'igh' was directed at a dog walker, as they walked past ! :D But he wasnt too keen on me tipping up with a black lad who was there to do a prelimenary survey. That aside, nice bloke.

    He has left me in a qaundry though, within minutes I knew that he had served with the 1st, 5th and 8th armies, (?) had won the MM and was Mentioned in Dispatches whilst in North Africa and was part of a group taken prisoner on a ship briefly ? He was RSM at this point.
    He had a heavy background in equine matters and was a farrier of some importance apparently before, during and after the war.

    Then he went onto to tell me about his time with Pierrepoint in Nuremberg, says he was involved in hanging bods himself (12 in a day due to Pierrepoint's incapability whilst mullered :D ) and told us how efficient the Russians were at carrying out the same act. Said he worked in a team which seems probable.

    Im not interested in digging too far with him and if he is a bit loose tongued and got carried away with himself then so be it, my issue is that his medals apparently went up the chimney in a house fire years ago, says he tried to get replacements in the 80's but gave it up as a loss due to arrseache involved, I am happy to sort out a reissue for him as a potential wrack like that would be a shame not possess and to grab him a veterans badge also if he is gen

    Like I said, mad as a box of frogs and a bit OTT but even him and the surveyor were backslapping by the end of the visit !

    Go on then, someone point me in the way of finding history knowledge equates to the playing career of Peter Shilton and I can name every Jam album !

    :D Reni
  2. Bouillabaisse

    Bouillabaisse LE Book Reviewer

    He may have been exagerating a bit, since I don't think that many men were executed after the Nuremberg trails
  3. Not that many executed? bollox! Get the film Pierrepoint. Brilliant film. Even better, look here for wikipedia and here for a bit of reading.

    The most amazing thing is that we, as a species, actually do this to each other. And it's not over yet - look at Saddam Hussain. He was hung by his direct enemy, not the brits (we don't do that kind of thing, old chap) or the yanks (yank 'em up). And if you think that's bollox, read this. Go on, I dare you...
  4. Bouillabaisse

    Bouillabaisse LE Book Reviewer

    Read the first post properly, you nobber, before you crayon all over the thread
  5. I might be arrse about face with some facts as they were delivered betwix a snarl and a roll up with a whisp of baccy hanging out the end..Last name is Foster, how the f*ck do I narrow the honours list down to this guy re the MM and MiD and applicable medals, if I can confirm he gets a shiny new rack.
  6. Unfortunately no mate 'Foster', first name not unlike my username.
  7. Google reveals Pierrepoints assistant was Regimental Sergeant Major O'Neil
    Not at Nurmeberg itself in Nuremberg but at war crimes rials at Hameln

    The hangings at Nuremberg itself were performed by an American hangman
  8. Well I tried.
    He's harmless, probably p*ssed off as he is getting a Drop In Centre thrown up at the end of his gaff though.
    Cheers all.
  9. Non of the above means the man is wrong or exagerating his tales.
    It just means references to him on the interent are elusive.

    Pierrepoint apparently presided over the hanginf of 200 or so for war crimes, its perfectly feasable that your man was there.
  10. Im not putting it to bed believe me, if I can find out as much as I can (which Id need to submit an app to the medals office) then Im away.
  11. Mention of a Sergeant Foster here who received the MM. Not sure if its your man though, although the same man is listed as the Bays RSM but not until 1951 by the looks of it.
  12. A total of 190 men and 10 women were hanged at Hameln Prison (near Hanover) in Germany under British jurisdiction. The executions were carried out by Albert Pierrepoint who was flown in specially on each occasion. Generally he was assisted by Regimental Sergeant Major O'Neil who was a member of the Control Commission there. The hangings took place in a purpose built execution room at the end of one of the prison's wings. The gallows having been specially constructed by the Royal Engineers to allow the execution of prisoners in pairs.
  13. Couldn't have been Corporal Major Ludovic then - he was commissioned!
  14. It seems appropriate.