Andy Murrays anti-English comments.

According to BBC News, long streak of tennis pish Andy Murray's website has been deluged after his "anyone but England for the world cup" comment earlier this week.

Shame. :D

Add to the vitriol at and go to the 'locker room'. And cheer on his next opponent.

Oh, huge dilemma, his next opponent's French. But since it's Andy Murray I will make an exception and cheer on the tennis version of les bleus.
As an Irishman, I might very well be missing something here, but surely he's entitled to his opinion - even it it differs from yours?

Democracy is diverging opions coagualting to a view that serves the majority!

Not that Bush the Bewildered or Phoney Tony take notice of such (democrtatic) niceties, since democracy, for them, is a tedious step they have to take to insert their (ostensible) authority!

Kill the wänkers and the system they uphold, I say!

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