Andy Murray out of the Australian Open..1st Round...!! HAHAH

Discussion in 'Sports, Adventure Training and Events' started by Santa_Sunday, Jan 14, 2008.

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  1. The next big 'British Hope' (Oops - of course he's not British is he..?? He's a Jock - at least when he wins he's a Jock ... Isn't that right Sweatys...??) is out in the 1st round........

    Chuffed to phuck..............

    The arrogant Jock Qunt.
  2. Totally agree.

    Jock cunt indeed. :twisted:
  3. Funny that.............The impression we get is that he's British when he's winning and Scottish when hes losing - but youve just confirmed that havent you.

  4. Not another porridge wog panning thread.

    To the hole.........................................
  5. Hang on. We have to sit around and listen to the Jocks crow when something doesn't go quite right for your larger, more populous, subsidising your asses southern neighbour.

    So when it all goes a bit breasts skywards we have to sit on our hands? I fear not, given Murrays anti English Rhetoric in the past.

    I couldn't care less that he's a sweaty. The reason I don't like him is because he is a humourless po faced twat who looks like he is eternally sucking a lemon. His brother by comparison (you know, the one who's won a Wimbledon Title) is a charming fella and could have a cabby on my fat, ugly, dip and dazzle eyed sister any day.
  6. Then you're wrong...... For another example see the case of "Baxter, Alain".

    Knob is soooo hurtful by the way.
  7. Put your 'Titty-Lip' away.
  8. Ah, this fella, taking sponsorship from the BRITISH sports fed:

  9. That's him. The man who said that he won his medal for Scotland - NOT Britain - and painted his bonce in that ridiculous manner when he accpeted the medal, just to prove his point, and just before he failed a drugs test. Maybe he should only accept Scottish funding in future and not English taxpayers' money too - though I won't hold my breath...
  10. don't you mean polish/turkish/pakistani/portugese/indian/etc............. taxpayers money :? :? :? :?
  11. Nail hit firmly and accurately on the head.
    He comes across a miserable fecker, whatever his nationality and to hear he had crashed out of the Australian Open in Round One made my day!
  12. And a Napoleon Dynamite lookalikee
  13. The chap who eliminated him just demolished Nadal to reach the final...
  14. Indeed he did. I watched it.

    That doesn't make it any less pleasing to see that smug ******** Murray humbled though................