Andy McNab's desert island discs...

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Forces_Sweetheart, Jan 10, 2005.

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    I don't think the 'listen again' option is working but it's repeated on Friday if you are keen.

    He chose:

    1.Should I Stay or Should I go - because it reminded him of GW1
    2.In the Air Tonight - same
    3.Sweet Thing, Bowie - first record
    4. Baggy Trousers - reminded him of school
    Performer Madness
    5.Battle March Medley by the Pogues - reminded him of NI tours
    6 Mirza Part 2 by Panjabi MC - he likes Bollywood
    7.Californication by Red Hot Chilli Peppers reminds him of er Hollywood
    8.The Swan from The Carnival of Animals - his (5th) wife plays it on the cello at home

    If he could only take one Record: Sweet Thing-David Bowie
    Book: Any Dickens book
    Luxury: A gollock
  2. and anything by 'Living In a Box'
  3. He has gone right down in my estimation for choosing a track by Phil Collins - but still, each to their own

    :? :roll: :roll: :roll: :roll:
  4. The first two choices are ones that were included in the dramatisation of his B20 book.

    I need to get out more :roll:
  5. Of course, it would be a terrible tragedy if he were to accidentally trip and wedge that gollock up his hoop! 8O (We can but hope!)
  6. I understand his wife is /was a journalist who writes his books.
  7. yeah she wrote one about their marriage and how he was a complete bellend! (her opinion of course :D )

    agent smith
  8. I think it was wife number 2 or 3 who wrote the book about him being horrible. The current incumbent is a publisher I think. Bet he never thought he'd end up married to a cello-playing publisher and appearing on Desert Island Discs. He's practically a rupert!
  9. Forces Sweetheart wrote, in part,
    Despite what one may or may not think of B2Z, he can only be praised for dragging himself out of his 'sarf Lunnon background. There are many who blame their problems on a less harsh life than the one he led prior to coming home to the army.
  10. She needs to play the cello a little bit more and write a little bit less. I read one of his fiction books and it was terrible, more cliches than a cliched book of cliches! :? I had to scrub my eyeballs with a brillo pad dipped in bleach!

    Except for B20, which (despite the controversy over accuracy) was gripping.
  11. Totally agree - it would be easy to feel fed up about being abandoned in a carrier bag (albeit one from Harrods) as a baby etc etc.

    As for the books, there's too much living in bushes and shooting people and not enough bonking.
  12. Anyone read or seen Dan Cruikshank's 'The Real B20'? What do people think?
  13. You mean Michael Asher's?

    A good read, which makes McNab look like a big-timing cnut, unsurprisingly. It sets the Iraqi body count for B20 at a nice round zero and points out that at no time were they actually engaged by the Iraqi army or RG, but by farmers and the occasional local militiaman.
  14. RTFQ


    Madame Sweetheart,

    I'm currently writing a novel called "Thor's Xylophones". It's a postmodern Dostoevsky-esque novel about sleeping in bushes, bonking and shooting people. It's a work of painful genius, but I need an agent as I'm just a poor tortured writer and I don't react well to the violent world of publishing. Are you up to the task. I may not be able to pay you very much, but I'll share my fruit pastills.

  15. There was also a tv documentary where Michael Asher followed in B20's footsteps. I have it on video (how sad is that)

    What is the book written by wife no 2 called? What is author's name?