Andy McNab.....

Discussion in 'The Book Club' started by Praetorian, Jan 10, 2008.

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  1. Ok, the bloke is widely regarded as a bit of a sell-out for his columns in the Sun, and his influence on the furthering of Walt-Dom, as well as it being rumoured that he isn't that popular in West Wales due to him breaking his silence.

    However, am I the only person that actually finds his Novels (not B20, lol) actually quite entertaining.....?

  2. Surely you mean East Wales- or has he fallen out with some surfers?
  3. West England, surely?
  4. I agree that B20 was an intersting read, but I was given Recoil last christmas as a pressie and couldn't even get halfway through it was so bad
  5. I've been given a few of his books in the past for christmas pressies and they are worth a giggle, smirk worthy, at least.
  6. Ok, East Wales.......
  7. Ahh, see I got Recoil as well, and it isn't very good, but in his defence you do need to read the previous 2 or 3 books in order to get the storyline. I think its about the 8th book in the series or something.