Andy McNab

Discussion in 'Films, Music and All Things Artsy' started by Sneezeclown, Nov 15, 2006.

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  1. Sneezeclown

    Sneezeclown Swinger

    I see Andy McGrab's new marketing blurb describes him as;

    "Britain's original SAS hero"

    I'd have thought David Sterling, Paddy Mayne, et al would be somewhat peeved!
  2. The-Daddy

    The-Daddy War Hero

    and Lofty Large!
  3. I think Andy believes himself to be Churchill.

    History will be kind to me for I intend to write it.
    Sir Winston Churchill
    British politician (1874 - 1965)


    What a discrace, the cheek of the guy knows no bounds. B2Z did enough tocompromise opsec and put guys in danger, it gets worse and worse.
  5. Yellow_Devil

    Yellow_Devil War Hero

    Don't know how he can go out in public after Michael Asher wrote "The Real Bravo Two Zero".

    Also don't know why TV stations use him as a pundit to explain events in Iraq, as he's a best-selling author not an expert on the Middle East.
  6. HVM_Boy

    HVM_Boy War Hero

    There's a bloke I know who has done all sorts of sneaky stuff here in NI. Its hard sometimes to tell if he's telling a true story, or one that he made up five mins before.

    Anyway, in about 1998 we were in a pub talking about McNab, and this bloke said..."well, when I knew him he was called **** ******** and he was a bit of a w@nker."

    We all thought he was telling another one of his spoofs.

    Its only in that article that his surname is confirmed as the same as the bloke said to me. :roll:
  7. DodgerH

    DodgerH Old-Salt

    Mr McNab is one To**er
  8. Wish i was a couple of £££'s behind him.
  9. The-Daddy

    The-Daddy War Hero

    you mean XXXXXX[edited by MOD due to arrse real-name-rules]? Knew that ten years ago but so what if he's changed his name for publishing - some authors do that.

    I always wondered if "Andy McNab" was some kind of joke name the boys in the Regiment used - or some dodgy rhyming slang
  10. Bennett

    Bennett Crow

    What like...

    "Andy McNab" = Crab
    "Andy McNab" = STAB
    "Andy McNab" = Flab

    Just a thought!
  11. I was told by an old Sgt Maj that he was a t0sser and a damned liar. Damn him to hell!
  12. Yellow_Devil

    Yellow_Devil War Hero

    Changing his name for publishing is fine, but all the B/S about changing his name "for security reasons" is what gets me. The man must be the extreme example of "keeping the myth alive".

    IIRC "Andy MacNab" is a hero in a John Buchan novel, but Bennett's version is better :D
  13. If you ever meet him you would think he wouldn't look out of place as a painter and decorator -that's who i thought he was.
  14. The-Daddy

    The-Daddy War Hero

    BBM - was he the one who refurbished your back passage? :lol:
  15. Yellow_Devil

    Yellow_Devil War Hero

    It's all that "gray man" training they give them
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