Andy McNab

Discussion in 'Films, Music and All Things Artsy' started by Sneezeclown, Nov 15, 2006.

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  1. I see Andy McGrab's new marketing blurb describes him as;

    "Britain's original SAS hero"

    I'd have thought David Sterling, Paddy Mayne, et al would be somewhat peeved!
  2. and Lofty Large!
  3. I think Andy believes himself to be Churchill.

    History will be kind to me for I intend to write it.
    Sir Winston Churchill
    British politician (1874 - 1965)
  4. What a discrace, the cheek of the guy knows no bounds. B2Z did enough tocompromise opsec and put guys in danger, it gets worse and worse.
  5. Don't know how he can go out in public after Michael Asher wrote "The Real Bravo Two Zero".

    Also don't know why TV stations use him as a pundit to explain events in Iraq, as he's a best-selling author not an expert on the Middle East.
  6. There's a bloke I know who has done all sorts of sneaky stuff here in NI. Its hard sometimes to tell if he's telling a true story, or one that he made up five mins before.

    Anyway, in about 1998 we were in a pub talking about McNab, and this bloke said..."well, when I knew him he was called **** ******** and he was a bit of a w@nker."

    We all thought he was telling another one of his spoofs.

    Its only in that article that his surname is confirmed as the same as the bloke said to me. :roll:
  7. Mr McNab is one To**er
  8. Wish i was a couple of £££'s behind him.
  9. you mean XXXXXX[edited by MOD due to arrse real-name-rules]? Knew that ten years ago but so what if he's changed his name for publishing - some authors do that.

    I always wondered if "Andy McNab" was some kind of joke name the boys in the Regiment used - or some dodgy rhyming slang
  10. What like...

    "Andy McNab" = Crab
    "Andy McNab" = STAB
    "Andy McNab" = Flab

    Just a thought!
  11. I was told by an old Sgt Maj that he was a t0sser and a damned liar. Damn him to hell!
  12. Changing his name for publishing is fine, but all the B/S about changing his name "for security reasons" is what gets me. The man must be the extreme example of "keeping the myth alive".

    IIRC "Andy MacNab" is a hero in a John Buchan novel, but Bennett's version is better :D
  13. If you ever meet him you would think he wouldn't look out of place as a painter and decorator -that's who i thought he was.
  14. BBM - was he the one who refurbished your back passage? :lol:
  15. It's all that "gray man" training they give them
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