Andy mcnab

Discussion in 'The Book Club' started by caged_steel, Jan 15, 2012.

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  1. What's peoples views on mcnabs books?
  2. I might get banned for saying as I am ROPS
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  3. You must know him very well to get away with calling him Andy on here.
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  4. If you have read one of his books, you have read them all, why do you ask?
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  5. Or Steve

    FORMER_FYRDMAN LE Book Reviewer

    Is it still restricted information that his real name's Mohammed?
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  7. ...and that you can't show him in pictures especially in Denmark?
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  8. In his Bravo Two Zero book, he says he likes Punk music. I wonder if he has ever been next to me in the mosh pit, or the bar at any gigs. I never went to any gigs in Hereford, but I went to loads in London, where he is from.
  9. That's not too clever is it mate. He maybe pretty free with his moniker in the real world but not on a public forum.
  10. lol have to laugh, that said I worked with someone who was his best man at his 3rd wedding so we nearly have something in common. He was a cockney as well.

    I won't call him by his nick name either so don't worry bigeye
  11. They're better than that God awful SERE video.
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  12. I love it when some ******* toilet chips in the 'Steve Mitchell' nugget like it had been entrusted to them for their entire lives or that they were imparting a mythical secret.

    I heard he was a gob shite cockney **** who attained Sgt in the SAS in a pretty good timeframe, is highly decorated and does his bit for the pot when and where possible.

    The books? Pump fiction for me but then it isnt my type of read but no doubt within a few forum posts the usual faces will be on de-crying the whole B20 affair, call me old fashioned but I wasn't there so, as if by magic, I wont give my opinion :)
  13. Apologies
  14. Sorry mate, dont agree, its all over the internet and has been for years, I see your point but he is hardly the most publicity shy chap in the world :)
    If there were a concerted Colombian/Irish effort to snot him then I doubt they would wander into an internet forum full of civvies, bitter ex squaddies and overweight slags to dig up the required int..
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