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Discussion in 'Iraq/Kuwait (Op GRANBY)' started by Phil306, Mar 7, 2005.

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  1. Ok, as a newbie here, I am going to ask this question:

    What is the british take on Andy McNab and the Bravo Two Zero patrol?
  2. As there are in excess of 55 million Britons, you're not very likely to find a single opinion are you?! :wink: Honestly, even of the members on this site there are many different views. Why don't you search the internet for people's thoughts: there've been loads of discussions across a multitude of sites on this subject.
  3. I actually have, quite extensively and I haven't found much at all...I came across this site from another venue. So, I was hoping for some persons on here to give their opinions. Believe me, I have mine, however, I don't think they would tow the line here. But, I would like to know what others think...
  4. Wellll where do we start on this

    there has been at my last count, mcnabs book, ryans book, and another one, and two films made on it, all basically saying the same thing and passing the blame onto each other.

    Fair play they messed up, and some got captured , some died, and one got away, unless we were there we will not know the full story and whose take on it was correct and whose was mindless drivel, spiced up to get the walts creaming there skids.

    Mcnab as a person, i cant comment as i dont know the guy, but fair play he is making money from his books, (Walts **** mags) but i bet he aint doing the spelling, as i dont think they have taught the adams family how to use stationary yet!!
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  5. Phil, I suggest that you read a book called "The Real Bravo Two Zero". The author (can't remember who) actually visits the places McNab mentions, to find evidence of the skirmishes he describes. For instance, McNab at some point apparently claims they were attacked by an Iraqi armoured patrol. It turns out that it was an old bloke on a tractor. There is an interview with the bloke who was driving it.

    McNab claims there was a firefight involving about 300 Iraqis. The book rubbishes that too. It is well written, and obviously well researched. Looking at the two books impartially, McNab's versoin appears to be almost exclusively a work of fiction.
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  6. Get the third book. It was the only one banned in the UK. Supposed to be published in Oz, but I haven't been able to trace it yet.

    Our mess met the author though (long before he wrote it) and his version makes a lot of sense, plus he was adamant that he wanted to put right a few reputations for members who are not able to speak for themselves.

    Any info appreciated.

  7. [​IMG]
    Published by:
    272 pages
    198 x 129 mm
    ISBN: 0304365548
    Publication: February 2003

    I would also recommend reading this book, I saw the TV Documentary that went with it last year.

    Should be enough info to Google for a suppler such as Amazon!
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  8. It's by Michael Asher, and is a good read. The TV documentary was fascinating too. He dug up the man who was the boy goatherd who pinged the patrol and found the wadi they retreated down. He also interviewed the family who fired on them with their family AKs - etc.
    After reading it I was a little disapointed at being taken in by A McNab, who, after all, presents it all as true, when I'm pretty convinced to the contrary - but, well done the man: B20 got out and made a f~cking mint, while B10 and B30, who probably stayed in, are likely drawing on their pension for their twenty-two and wishing they'd made up a few stories as well....
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  9. Michael Asher wrote the real bravo 2 zero - there was also a tv doc narrated by him. The other book mentioned is by Mike Coburn and is called something like soldier five

    By the way why are you interested :?:
  10. :arrow: The book is by Michael Asher, who is himself ex SAS. ISBN 0304365548

    There was also a TV documentary following Asher as he retraced the steps of B20, visits their hideouts and interviews some of the witnesses. Basically it shows McNobs verson of B20 as being pure fanatsy.
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  11. The book I was thinking of was the Mike Coburn one. (Thanks for the name).

    Be interesting to compare Soldier 5 with the others, too.

    Pity we aren't allowed to read it! :x
  12. Having said that - take Asher with a pinch of salt. Where the rest of McNab's patrol have jumped on the 'history' side of it - Asher's purely going to find revisionist 'evidence' of the jaunt - the whole selling point of his book is that it $hits all over McNab, Ryan et al. It's easy enough to get pi$$ed at 'McNab' for hiding his name, when all the others riding the bandwagon (Ryan, for instance - who achieved more) have used their own - and publish their pictures with the book - apart from the sheer amount of 'licence' employed by McNab, this explains some of the popular vitriol against him.
    Asher wrote his own version of 'Immediate Action' (McNab's military autobiography) - 'Shoot To Kill' - pretty derogatory to the unit he served with, and his rather directionless account finishes on "My journey through the dark side is over (p.278.)." Asher is anything but a 'perfect' historian.
    All of these 'non-fiction' autobiog type things need to be looked at as a whole - that's the only way to get even a reasonably accurate idea of events. Historiography and other bumf aside - McNab's done the best out of it - his departure-lounge novels have made him the richest 'carrier-bag on Guy's doorstep' type guy ever. And some of them even read well... :lol:
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  13. Ah! Thanks Mike_2817.

    It deffo WAS banned when I last tried to find it. :?:

    Perhaps it's been edited.

    trip to the library coming up.

    p.s. agree with other posts. Impossible to say who's right unless you were there, but it's interesting to see where accounts differ. Good luck to the kiss 'n tell blokes, but I'm old fashioned enough to believe that those who died should be given a fair press.
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  14. I watched the programme.

    The bloke found nothing odd in that his search for the driver of the tractor/eye witnesses to every firefight/the young goatherd turned up the very people he wanted. Whovere he sought, he found pronto.

    Amazing. Incredible. B0ll0cks.
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