Andy McNab Sunday Express

I think he is correct as far as he goes. What he neglects to mention is the appalling shortages of equipment in the Infantry training establishments. The concept of 'train as we fight' cannot be implemented as a result. For example recruits training at Catterick cannot deploy on training equipped in the section organisation that they would find in their battalions, There is simply not enough equipment for anyone, other than platoon commanders, to be trained to fight the black light battle, at their appropriate level, while they are on either CIC, SCBC or PSBC.
Not going to argue with the comments made by Mr McNab, about the quality of the lads on the ground. I, for one, am profoundly greatful that such men (women too!) are available to serve their country.

As to the comments made by Mr McNab, about Des Browne's public statements. I think it is important that Des Browne, is made to account for what he has said. As he will fail to do this, he should have the good taste to slink of with whatever passes for ministerial responsibility.Anything that adds to the odium felt about that particular individual, is fine by me!
Shame on Mr Browne, in a honourable world, he would, already, have taken the proverbial loaded revolver in to the library. In a plausible World, he would have resigned. In the Real World he will try to hang on to his governmental teat as long as possible.

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