Andy McNab Impressive Rack!!

Andy McNab: 'My real mum left me in a carrier bag on a step at Guy's Hospital in London when I was a baby' | Mail Online

The treasured item you lost and wish you could have again… My army medals. I had 14, but they all vanished about 18 months ago when we moved house. I’ve turned the house over several times looking for them. They’re worth a lot of money but they’re too famous to sell.
14 is an impressive number and one usually out of the reach of most who take the Queens shilling.
Of course his MM and DCM are well documented and he will have a GSM for Op Banner and a Gulf War medal but what about the other 10?

Any ideas on what they are for? As he was in the RGJ for a number of years its possible he was awarded a UN medal at some point?
One for the worst pre-op briefing to B20.
Services to Publishing.
Being Married. With bar for more than once.
Is there such a medal? Do I get two for going twice?
Tsk. I only asked. And I was on the balcony too. Well, from my armchair in BAOR.
Aside from DCM, MM, GSM, Granby, UNPROFOR, IFOR, possibly UNFICYP, possibly an ACSM, possibly a LS&GC.

There is no reports of him being involved in Rhodesia or Falklands, and no other campaign medals were issued between 82-93.

Others Ops whilst he was SAS (84 & 93) may have attracted a bar to GSM, but no medals were struck for specific ops.

Maybe some flip-flop medals from Saudi & Kuwait?
Two jubilee medals!

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