Andy McNab Chris Ryan Books

I am having a clear out, I have a load of Andy McNab and Chris Ryan books as well as books By Cameran Spence and John Nichols. The Majority of the books are in hard back, a few I had signed and they are all in good condition. I didn't realise these guys had done so many books until I started going through them. All of the books are a great read and you wont want to put them down. here is your chance to grab a bargain.


PS I am not a cross dresser it is my wifes ebay account!!
You do realise that the people who will buy these won't be squaddies....

Try posting on Arnies Airsoft or something like that.
Thanks Praetorian, if any one is interested all of these books are about to go at verry low prices, they are all hard backs and most are in as newcondition and some are signed.

I know a lot of squaddies who like these books! they may not admit it but they do like them!


I shall be looking Dave! thanks for the notice!
I'l be honest and say that before i signed up, i used to enjoy the books, and not having any other experiance i used to think that perhaps Andy would give a good perspective on what it's like.

Now, however, i can't read past page 2 of the trash.
macscruff said:
Fair play, you've bought some p1sh on ebay fella. Mind you, any chance of a pic of the missus in the tartan mini-skirt.
Holding the remmington.

Does she make you wear the schoolbot outfit while in the stirrups?


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