Andy Mcnab (blatant lie?)

You had better go tell McNab he got it wrong. He might not know :p
Started reading Immediate Action. One chapter describes a major siege with hostages around the outskirts of Liverpool, late '80s, at the Israeli Trade Commission, at which the SAS (and McNab) plays an important role in freeing the hostages. However, after some research I cannot find on the Internet a single source/article about the event?
Do you know what fiction is?
The book in question is presented as an autobiography. I think the OP is questioning whether it really is, seems a fair question to me.
The read didn't come across that way to me. As far as I know, the only 'non-fiction' story he penned was 'Bravo Two Zero'.
It might not be fiction! Perhaps he was "basing it" on a true story which hasn't happened yet but which he foretells in the future... THE PROPHET!!!

He just needs a shell suit and David Icke is out of a job..... Again

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Think Nigel Mansells is knocking round somewhere after the two parted company

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TBH, he's made a shedload and I doubt there's not a single member of arrse here who's not a tad jealous. Problem?


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Pretty sure it was an exercise that was being referred to anyway.
Not I! His books are a cracking read!
They pass an hour or so and nothing more, read one and you've read the lot of them although I must admit he does put some effort in coming up with nails sounding names. I went to Uni with a guy called Wally Clap. What's wrong with that for a THEM hero's name?