Andy Mcnab (blatant lie?)

Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by llech, Mar 30, 2013.

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  1. So other than pissing and moaning on here what do you plan on doing about it?
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  2. You had better go tell McNab he got it wrong. He might not know :p
  3. Do you know what fiction is?
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  4. I did so done it mucker- you won't find it because it's all hush hush.
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  5. The book in question is presented as an autobiography. I think the OP is questioning whether it really is, seems a fair question to me.
  6. The read didn't come across that way to me. As far as I know, the only 'non-fiction' story he penned was 'Bravo Two Zero'.
  7. It might not be fiction! Perhaps he was "basing it" on a true story which hasn't happened yet but which he foretells in the future...

    He just needs a shell suit and David Icke is out of a job..... Again

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  9. And don't forget the bushy moustache...
  10. Think Nigel Mansells is knocking round somewhere after the two parted company

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  11. TBH, he's made a shedload and I doubt there's not a single member of arrse here who's not a tad jealous. Problem?
  12. Piss off back to the NAAFI, your meths is evaporating on the bar.
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  13. Not I! His books are a cracking read!