Android Kindle on Galaxy Tab 10.1 problem



Today I received my new gadet, a 16gb Wifi Only Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1.

While having a play around I downloaded the Kindle Android app, it connects to my kindle account and I can downloaded my purchased books and Telegraph subscription fine. However it is refusing to read my own book collection (all in the the .mobi format).

I have googled and have followed various instructions to try and remedy this. I've also used Amazons personal documents delivery system. I can see the file waiting to be downloaded on the Amazon website but when I tell my Kindle app to sync and download it won't download this file. Has anyone had any experience in over coming this or a similar problem and can offer some advice?

Also, while I'm here can any recommend a good "sturdy" case? I have an OtterBox defender for my iPhone but they don't make an OtterBox case for the Galaxy 10.1 yet.

Try checking which directory on the Tab is selected - your files might be in the downloads folder, the
Kindle app might be looking in the ebooks folder and so on. If you have a file explorer, take a look around on the Tab to see what's where. Check where the Kindle ebook folder is located - on my Tab, it's in my sdcard folder /kindle for example.

I have the Toshiba Tab, and had to this to find my books and move them to the correct folder so the readers could find them (I use Kindle reader and Aldiko.) Calibre is great for formatting your ebooks for consistency, btw ...


Thanks, I've checked and I've been putting the files in the right folder, though I can't find anywhere in the app where I can check the settings to see what folder it's looking in for the files.

I have calibre installed, but I would expect my .mobi files to work as they work on my kindle and on other Apps I've used. I did get an email from Amazon saying that currently you can't download personal documents to Kindle Apps, so that's one mystery solved.

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