Andrew Mitchell and "Plebgate" - Police account falling apart...

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Bravo_Bravo, Oct 15, 2013.

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  1. police officers colluding to lie?
    I dont believe it.. sureley they would not steep that low?
    Its all bollox really with both parties behaving like a bunch of school kids.
    "Sir he called me a name"
    "Miss he said i called him a pleb when i meant cnut".

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  2. They would stoop that low. And don't call me Shirley.:)
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  3. I've not much time for Mitchell. He is an arrogant twerp in my opinion - yes, I have met him. That said, I am a great supporter of our Police Forces. However, if there is something worse than an arrogant, sneering, self-important MP, it is a bent, dishonest, coniving policeman. Long prison sentence beckoning for the odd plod, if what we read is true.

    Arrogant MPs are excremental; bent policemen are dangerous and indefensible.
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  4. His biggest mistake was agreeing to meet members of the Police Federation in his Constituency Office in the first bloody place! Who appointed them as Independent Arbiters? He can't have been so stupid not to realise they would attempt to put a political slant on anything he said, especially in light of their resistance to cuts. They should have kept their noses out and let the investigation take it's course.
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  5. The real mistake was that of the stupid coppers who thought they could lie with impunity about that meeting, safe in the knowledge that they couldn't be contradicted. Even as it was broadcast at the time, it was obvious that they were not being truthful.
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  6. But it now transpires he wasn't as stupid as they thought,having taped the whole meeting and,when they (The Police Fed reps) made their statement after said meeting,he could produce the goods that proved they were a lying bunch of turds as well.

    Love him,or hate him,he ain't that stupid! :)
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  7. I wouldn't trust anything the IPCC said. There is nothing "Independent" about them.

    The double standards disturb me. There is a willingness to go after a few junior plod, yet on a daily basis MPs, Ministers and even senior Military officers blatantly lie to the media and to official inquiries.
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  8. Catch 22 situation according to Skynews.
    Seems yer man has not made a complaint to the IPCC and with no complaint being lodged the IPCC cannot investigate!
    That said Mitchell cannot have any confidence with the IPCC and is not really likely to put any further trust in them.
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  9. I wonder if he used his Mobile Phone to record the conversation .... wonderful things they are and can pick up a conversation quite well when in a shirt pocket or on the desk ... there is also free software to enable the recording , when desired, of telephone conversations .
  10. Your a copper aren't you

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  11. TheresaMay

    TheresaMay LE Moderator DirtyBAT

    Seriously - how much public money will be splashed / has already been splashed out on this?

    Even if he did call them that, how is that any different from me calling the security bloke on the front gate of camp a toss-pot? We really do seem to worry about the wrong things. Immigration? Unemployment? Economy? Growth?

    Nope... Let's get vicars to marry gay folk against their will and beliefs, let's cover up cigarettes in shops, and lets launch a massive scale enquiry costing millions over someone who may or may not have called someone a name.

    Why didn't the coppers just do him for a Public Order offense if they were so sure he'd used the F word in front of "pleb". That's what they do on Street Wars.

    And spare us all the bollocks every time there's a slow news day.

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    FORMER_FYRDMAN LE Book Reviewer

    If the police, or anyone in authority, are guilty of serious wrong-doing, proving it is well worth the money.
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  13. Because someone with a political agenda picked up the ball and ran with it. And at the heart of all this are the Police Federation. It seemed to me from the outset that there was something not right about the whole thing, and to my mind, most of those involved have acted in a way which can only damage the reputation of both the Police and the Federation. I can only imagine that ACPO are shit-scared of the Fed, which is why several of them have abrogated their responsibilitiesin a way which is not only injurious to the reputation of the Police, but is also criminal.