Andrew Marr :Interview with Jock Stirrup - Questions Invited

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Ratty22, Nov 6, 2009.

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  1. Ratty22

    Ratty22 Old-Salt

    Arrsers all.

    Just seen on the BBC News web site. An invitation by Andrew Marr for all and sundry to provide questions for his interview on Rembrance Sunday with CDS.

    Over to you.

  2. Mr_Bridger

    Mr_Bridger War Hero

    Ask him how many times Bde HQs in Iraq or Afghanistan have staffed papers through the MoD for more equipment (Protective Mobility, Air or other eqpt), and how many have been declined by the MoD in the last two years.

    I expect the answer should be - we've said yes to them all!

  3. If extra helicopters were bought when tony blair promised "the commanders will get everything they ask for", would we have seen less fatalities to IEDs in afghanistan?
  4. RoofRat

    RoofRat LE

    Q: WTF are you still doing in the job,working on the nest egg before you retire? :roll:
  5. anony_mouse

    anony_mouse Old-Salt

    I'd love Andrew Marr to ask him how he can sit there with a straight face and come out with the same two lines when asked about helicopters?

    "We have increased flying hours over the last couple of years by 60%," without mentioning that personnel numbers have also increased by about that number, ie, no more helicopter hours per man.

    "We have the helicopters we need to do the missions we are doing," yes, but would we be doing those missions if we had more helicopters?

    In short I think the man is a proper cu.nt.
  6. tropper66

    tropper66 Crow

    Has the dull fukcwit ever read a history book on Afghanistan, the only country never to have been conquered by another country in its history even Alixander the Great was scared of them
  7. hairyhandbag

    hairyhandbag War Hero

    Considering the use and maintenance of the 0.5 Browning and its mobility capabilites and the high cost of ammunition and sighting systems and the use of the MWMIK could he please as Sir Jock what he recommends for my lucky star numbers for tomorrows Euro Millions Draw. Thank you
  8. Why are you still serving?
  9. Taffnp

    Taffnp LE

    It would be easy to reply that this is a counter insurgency type of war, if so what are we doing to win hearts and minds, why after all this time, do many villages not see an improvement in their standard of living, ie clean water and electricity.

    It has been widely publicised that ANA and APF are paid only $100 per month but the Taliban pay $300. Don't you think that we should be destroying the poppy crops to stop money going to the Taliban, prevent the flow of drugs and offer the poppy farmers a viable alternative ?

    Why are we supporting a corrupt government, which was exposed as corrupt years ago ? is it a case of better to have a leaky bucket than no bucket ?
  10. And why not pay the ANA & APF more than the Taliban do
  11. Due to the global opiet (spelling mong) shortage, why don't we let the farmers grow poppy for the West, pay them a fair price for it, thus giving them a living wage and taking the opium out of the hands of terry. But i suppose the big drug companies will object.
  12. Taffnp

    Taffnp LE

    yes forgot to add that bit, would obviously be much cheaper than employing a javelin to take out the $300 a week insurgent
  13. Bravo_Bravo

    Bravo_Bravo On ROPS On ROPs

    Can we use little nukes please, Sir? Just little ones, please?

    Or just bury dead Talib / suicide bombers with pork - so they lose their Eternal Souls ( = Not Good. )
  14. woodandy3

    woodandy3 War Hero

    sir jock!! pretend the camera's arent here and tell us your real take on the ghanners operation/mini war we are in at the moment!!??

    and is Gordon on your christmas card list!??
  15. Mutts

    Mutts Old-Salt

    Perhaps he could answer why that cock-wrangling cnut Glenton is still free to swan off to Stop The War protests and appear TV?