Andrew Marr about empires.

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by KGB_resident, Oct 5, 2005.

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    I don't think that mr.Marr is absolutely right. What do you think?
  2. FFS, Sergey, one small part of one lighthearted column in one newspaper - you really are becoming obsessed!

    Tell you what, why don't you actually move to the USA, as you're clearly in love with the place, then you'll be able to report all its faults to us firsthand and in great detail!
  3. I think Andrew Marr is the most inept chief political correspondent that they've ever had.

    If no other evidence is required, I offer his presumption on the "How Euro Are You" broadcast that those who knew most about the EU were also those most in favour of it. If anything, it is the contrary, but no assumtion can be made either way.

    He is nowt but a grinning Blairite Jackanape. (excuse the tortology)
  4. He has made a serious point here though - would it not be worrying if China held 20% of the current total US debt? Well they do.

    Whilst we are all worrying about AQ and the Middle East there are some very interesting developments going on in China. Runaway economic growth fuelled by cheap labour and the encouragement of business and investment - but coupled with iron fisted totalitarian government. As the US gets over-stretched (check out the rate of turnaround for reserve units) elsewhere could they meet a serious threat to Taiwan? China says - we want it back, they then destabilise it internally and make threatening noises. Line to the US - "intervene in this and we'll crash the dollar". Unlikely? Perhaps, incredible - not any more.

    If Marr has a blind spot about the Euro question then he shares it with many other otherwise intelligent people. Being "European" is like being "Christian" - it's an act of faith rather than a rational decision made on the strength of the evidence.
  5. oldbaldy

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    He's always been card carrying Noo Labour
  6. The US and Chinese economiues are interdependent. If you talk to the bankers and the treasury privately they will tell you that if the Chinese Stop buying T bonds ast the present rate the US is in deep dooo doo. Note the US is in Doo doo if the chinese sell Dollars, - merely not buy at the current rate.

    (But, if the US economy does fall into deep doo doo so does the Chinese because the US is the main customer for chinese exports.)

    This is very unstable and is likely to end in tears. Even more than the "Japanese economic threat of the 1980s, the US may be the hyperpower, but the Chinese own all their bases. Watch this dimension if the Chinese ever want to acquire Taiwan. I would bet that Taiwan will rejoin the PRC in my lifetime.
  7. Andy!

    USA is a great country, unquestionable world leader, comparison with Great Britan between WW1 and WW2 is absolutely uncorrect. Probably mr.Marr wishes to create a cheap sensation instead of serious analysis.

    Mr.Marr is journalist but he is not one of many, he is a well-known figure. And take into accout that these obviously anti-American insinuations were published by Daily Telegraph. One can ask a question: maybe this news-paper tries to create a negative image of USA among British public? If yes, then why?

    As you see, really my thread is about creation of negative image of USA in British press.
  8. Andrew Marr is a BBC journalist i.e. anti-US by default. Telegraph, like many papers, invites columnists of opposing views from time to time. The latest Guardian columnist is an avowed supporter of the Iraq war, for example. What worries me is that you have lit upon one small part of one small column of 1 newspaper in your increasingly bizarre attempts to portray the US as a nation in decline.

    From 1950-1980, many wishfully thought the Soviet Union would overtake the USA
    During the 1980's, Japan was "definitely" going to overtake the USA
    During the 1990's, the EU was going to overtake the USA.

    Where are they now? Remember the EU's laughable 'Lisbon Agenda' of 2000?

    Now China's 'definitely' going to overtake the USA.

    I'll make a little bet with you, Sergey. By 2050 the USA will still be, by some considerable margin, top dog on Planet Earth. Any takers?
  9. Andy! Have you read my post? If my opinion is an attemt to portry the US as a nation in decline then call me a Pope.

    2050? You joke. Whould I be alive that time?

    But it is highly possible that USA will be a world leader in 2050.
  10. Empire like tides, they rise and fall. Interesting view from Mr Marr, I won't bank on it either way, there is problem in the present US situation, but it policitial and economical system are far more flexible then place like China. So it tend to adjust themselve over time and adpot itself to the new situation. While in China, it follow it own patten which known to historican as dynatstic cycle. When a regime reach it peak, decline will follow and it always end with a rebellion that bring it down and everything start from year zero again. Also with a aging population it is not going to be sustan it grow.
  11. Roman Empire (inc. late Republic) lasted from about 200 BC to 500AD in the West and until 1450AD or so in the East. So the US 'imperium' could have a nother few hundred years to go.