Andrew loses ex-TA soldiers' respect

He'll get over it. A few rounds of golf and a chat with an estate agent and he'll feel better.
Wasn't Andrew in the TA?
Nope, a RN pilot (see Falklands action)

Admittedly the TA bit of the thread threw me too

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Puttees is mostly on skunk this week!


should've tasered him.....or at least let the dobberman's out....actually both would have been good...
“Whether they’ll be disciplined is another matter but it can’t have done their careers much good."
Classic understatement.
Does this mean the Met can now withdraw armed protection from the Royal family?

Would save a few bob in these austere times.

While we are at it we could also seize the wealth they accumulated at the expense of the ordinary people.

Stories like this do the Royals no favours. The coppers, as far as I am concerned did no wrong.

Liz, Phil, Wills, et al would have winged like **** if it was a fat mass murderer that was allowed unfettered access to murder his way around the castle!

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