Andrew loses ex-TA soldiers' respect

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by putteesinmyhands, Sep 8, 2013.

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  1. I'm more inclined to think the coppers were as visually aware as Helen Keller.
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  2. FHA

    FHA LE

  3. He'll get over it. A few rounds of golf and a chat with an estate agent and he'll feel better.
  4. WTF has this got to do with an ex-TA "soldier"?
  5. The clue is in the reason for editing in the first post.

    Tch. These people who don't read the small print...
  6. Wasn't Andrew in the TA?
  7. Nope, a RN pilot (see Falklands action)

    Admittedly the TA bit of the thread threw me too

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  8. Puttees is mostly on skunk this week!
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  9. Perhaps Andrew did his usual trick of snarling "Don't you know who I am?" at them and they thought they'd better make sure they did.
  10. Good job he never called them Plebs!!!
  11. SPIDER38

    SPIDER38 On ROPs

    should've tasered him.....or at least let the dobberman's out....actually both would have been good...
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  12. “Whether they’ll be disciplined is another matter but it can’t have done their careers much good."
    Classic understatement.
  13. Yeah because that really happened and wasn't made up at all!